Tuesday, 20 September 2011

[Doesn't he look like a mafia don?]

The Turkish President Abdullah Gul has been on a visit to Germany this week, agitating for the usual things: Turkish EU membership, removal of visa restrictions for Turks, laxer immigration rules to facilitate the Turkish colonisation of Germany. He took particular exception to the compulsory language classes that the German government recently imposed as a requirement on marriage partners being imported from Turkey. This, he said, was a violation of human rights!

The German Integration Minister Maria Böhmer said she had no understanding of this position. Indeed she doesn't. German politicians still live in the pious hope that the Turkish invaders are going to become Germans. "The guest workers become foreigners, then immigrants then Germans," she said. The Turks know that is never going to happen. They have actually had the cheek to set up a government agency in Ankara for Turks living abroad.

The German and Austrian governments have made a profound mistake by tolerating the interference of a foreign government in their internal affairs. Many of these immigrants are now German or Austrian citizens. How they are integrated into German and Austrian society should have been a matter for the governments of those countries; yet the Turkish government still sees them as part of its "flock" and repeatedly makes demands on their behalf.

The Turkish government also controls, owns and staffs most of the mosques in Germany. It even writes the weekly sermons for the imams to give to their flock. Most British people find it difficult to conceive of the extent to which the Turkish government is behind the spread of Mohammedanism in Germany, because it is so different from our own experience of Muslim colonisation.



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