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There is a new political party in Germany. Founded one and a half years ago, it is called the BIG party, short for Bündnis für Innovation und Gerechtigkeit, meaning Alliance for Innovation and Justice. Its members and candidates consist almost exclusively of Turks and its policy programme is explicitly oriented around the interests of Turkish colonists in Germany, with the usual rhetorical overlay of multiculturalism and convivencia.

The video above is from Press TV, a station controlled by the Iranian government. Obviously it is Muslim propaganda. You should treat it as such; but viewing it is still instructive.

["We are Germany" it says]

In a recent article, Der Spiegel laid bare the strong connections BIG has to the ruling AKP party in Turkey. Indeed, even its name strongly recalls that of the AKP, which, in Turkish, means Justice and Development Party.
Nevzat Yalcintas is an influential man in Turkey. He taught at the renowned Istanbul University; as the head of Turkish state television, he shapes Turkish opinion. Above all, however, he was one of the founders of Turkey's governing party, the AKP.

A confidant of Turkish prime minister Erdogan, Yalcintas was recently in Berlin, campaigning for the BIG party.
Berlin's leading candidate in Berlin, Ismet Misirlioglu, denies any connection to the government in Ankara. No, he has never spoken with Erdogan, he says.

...Prime minister Erdogan has been trying for years to harness foreign Turks for his own political purposes. In 2005 the headquarters of the Europäisch-Türkischen Demokraten (UETD) [European-Turkish Democrats], an AKP lobby association, opened up in Cologne. The UETD campaigns among German Turks for votes for Erdogan, most recently in the parliamentary elections in June. It prepared his controversial speech in Cologne in 2008 [in which he called assimilation "a crime against humanity"] and his election appearance in Düsseldorf in February this year.

Now however, it is going a step further. Active and former top officials of the UETD were decisively involved in the founding of the BIG party. "It is time to concentrate our forces," says the chairman of the union, Hasan Özdogan.

The Erdogan confidant is one of the most powerful Muslim string-pullers in Germany. He maintained contacts with fallen Libyan dictator Gaddafi as well as the Scientology cult. In the 90s he travelled to Libya's capital, Tripoli, in the company of leading scientologists. Since 2009, he has been Erdogan's most important lobbyist in Germany.

German law prohibits foreign governments from founding political parties here. Özdogan has no official role within BIG. Insiders report, however, that his is the deciding voice. At any rate, Özdogan acknowledges having been involved in the founding.

For years he has been close friends with the federal chairman of the BIG party. Both participate together in Muslim associations in Bonn and still share an office building on the Rhine. His brother is standing for BIG as a direct candidate in the regional elections in North-Rhine Westphalia.

"BIG is quite clearly an outpost of the AKP", says the journalist Yücel Özdemir. Yunus Ulusoy of the Essen Centre for Turkish Studies criticises the Turkish government, calling for it to be transparent about its initiatives abroad.

Until recently, the regional chairmen of the BIG party in Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and Bremen were all active in the UETD, some in leading positions. For its closed conference the previous winter, the party met in Istanbul.

The head of the Union, Özdogan, says that Turks in Germany are not helped when their politicians wear themselves down in various parties. Prime minister Erdogan is said to be determined that his countrymen engage "effectively". The lobbyist hopes that in politics, with the help of BIG, more notice will be taken of immigrants in future.

"We need staying power"

The party is still a long way away from getting into a German parliament. "It is just at the beginning," says Özdogan. But the Greens took two decades to establish themselves: "We need staying power".

In Berlin BIG is running an expensive election campaign. In many districts, its posters can be seen on every other lamppost. Not long ago, the mini-party provoked uproar as its flysheets warned of "Gay Studies" in school and canvassed for votes with a campaign against Thilo Sarrazin. Rumours that BIG is receiving money from Ankara are rejected by the Berlin chairman Misirlioglu. The party finances itself exclusively from donations and members' contributions, he says.

Misirlioglu worked for eight years with an Islamic aid organisation. Recently he set up the Berlin office of the fund-raising organisation WEFA, which would be charged with indirectly financing the Palestinian Hamas. The association maintains ties with the Turkish government. BIG, says Misirlioglu, should leave its mark on politics soon enough: "In ten years we'll be in the government."

The established parties are taking BIG seriously. The Berlin Greens, for example, in an internal paper that SPIEGEL ONLINE makes available, discuss how best to meet the new competition. A few weeks ago the association Citizens for Europe conducted a poll of the 400,000 Berlin residents who don't have a vote because they have no German passport. In this the BIG party got around 6%, only 2% behind the CDU [ruling centre-right party in Germany].
Source: Der Spiegel

The Berlin elections were held yesterday. BIG got 0.7%, almost as much as the Counterjihad party Die Freiheit on 1.0%.

These are the results of the poll mentioned in the Der Spiegel article. It gives a good idea of how European politics would be skewed if immigrants had voting rights [shown in blue]. Very simply, it shifts European politics to the left. All the left-wing parties get more votes; all the right-wing parties get less.


If you read EU policy documents, as I force myself to do, you will see that the EU is focusing its propaganda efforts on getting votes for immigrants all across Europe. Their plan is multi-layered. As with the unfolding of the EU itself, resistance is broken down bit-by-bit. First they focus on votes in local elections; then it will be extended to votes in national elections. Throughout, they deliberately blur the line between EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Their documents describe the strategy. For now, you will only hear them talk about votes in local elections. Once that is securely in place, the next stage begins.


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