Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Although the Spanish police announced last week that they were investigating the poisoning of more than 15 dogs in the Catalan city of Lérida, in response to inquiries from the Spanish news website Alerta Digital they have now said no investigation is taking place. Their explanation is that "no complaint has been received".

Alerta Digital asks if it is normal procedure to wait for a complaint to be received when an obvious public crime has occurred. The website speculates that political pressure has been brought to bear on the police to suppress the investigation - because the truths it brings to light could be too uncomfortable for the ruling elite. It also wonders whether fear of reprisals accounts for the fact that no formal complaints have been made.

The dogs were found poisoned in an area of the city dominated by Muslim colonists. Another spate of dog poisonings occurred in the same district two years ago (18 dogs dead), and in recent years local dog-owners have spoken of being harassed by Muslims complaining about their "impure animals".

Source: Alerta Digital


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