Friday, 16 September 2011

Today a ban on street prayers officially came into force in France. But the Muslims seem to have other ideas.
[These photos were all taken this afternoon in the area mentioned in the news report below.]
This afternoon around 200 Muslims prayed in the street in the Paris district of Goutte-d'Or, despite the ban which the Interior Minister Claude Guéant committed himself to ensured was respected. Shortly after 2 pm, around 200 believers set themselves up on the pavements and road in the rue Polonceau (XVIIIth arrondissement).
Source: Le Figaro Photos: Bivouac ID

Le Figaro also reports other Muslim street prayers were seen today in Nice and Gennevilliers.

The Muslims are clearly using the street prayers as a form of extortion. In Paris, because of public concern about the street prayers, they were given an old fire station to use at a low rent. In Marseilles, they were given some premises for free. In Nice, they are clearly still trying to extort a bit more.

Le Figaro reports on the street prayer in Nice today:
The faithful gathered around 2 pm for a few minutes of prayer on the pavement, the place of worship, at 200 m2, being too small to accommodate all of them, explained Razzouk Abdelhamid, president of the association Al-Baraka which manages the mosque on the rue de Suisse.

To rectify the problem, "we are asking to rent the premises adjacent to the mosque, which belong to the town council, on a long-term lease, which would give us an extra 80 m2. The ball is in the mayor's court" he added.


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