Saturday, 24 September 2011
I already linked to the Telegraph and Argus story about Muslim pupils at the Catholic St. Bede's school in Bradford attacking the Catholic pupils as they were going home on a bus. Apparently, the trouble was provoked by a discussion of religion in class. This information was left out of the web version of the news report but included in the print version. As is now common practice for newspapers with stories about Mohammedan-caused problems, the comment facility on the website was turned off. The site does have its own forum, however, where some interesting comments were made in one of the threads.
As a former Bede’s boy I saw the start of the change, a few Muslim lads joined the school, whereas other non-Catholics such as myself had to abide and take part in all the school activities, the Muslim lads soon made sure they didn’t have to attend assemblies and that the canteen meat had to be Halal, I suspect as the Muslim population has grown at Bede’s that further demands and segregation have taken place.

The attacks on the buses carrying mainly catholics were perpetrated by the muslims from the school once the older brothers, cousins etc etc had come down to support them.

If they are ever caught, I wonder how many will be charged with "hate crime"?

Not many I'm guessing!

The article in the print version was a great deal longer and more detailed and it makes it explicit who the faith groups involved were. Apparently "unrest was sparked by a Year 11 class discussion over religion". According to one parent (as reported to the T and A):
"[She] said Asian pupils had made comments about the Catholic faith and that Catholic pupils responded".
There were other troubling details to the story also that I could have added suffice to say the overall tone depicts a potentially explosive situation.

this bricking of school buses by pakistanis is nothing new, my daughter went to St Josephs and the tough little blighters used to brick their buses full of schoolgirls and this is 7 or 8 years ago.

A friend and I were driving along Manningham lane, just past the park, a month or so ago, it was a sunny day, traffic was a nightmare as usual, so we had our windows rolled right down. All of a sudden a bottle of water was hurled through the window at my friend, the driver. It came from the upstairs window of a passing bus, the culprits cheering, gesticulating members of 'the community' !


Johnny Rottenborough said...

The comment mentioning Manningham Lane reminded me of this story:

A teenager who stabbed and slashed a passer-by in a racially motivated attack has been locked up for five years. Amir Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse as 51-year-old Ronald O’Connor walked to a shop for a loaf of bread, near the gates of Lister Park, Manningham, last December. Leeds Crown Court was told Rehman shouted out: ‘Manningham belongs to Muslims. We don’t want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out.’—Telegraph & Argus

Durotrigan said...

Yes, the comment thread was quite revealing. Violent behaviour on the part of a particular 'community' within Bradford is not uncommon. I recall the case that Johnny Rottenborough mentions, and also that there was an awful attack upon an 89-year-old English woman in Lister Park which is next to St Bede's School in 2009:

Anonymous said...

Anyone believing this is a naive twat. I'm sorry but would you stop alienating the entire Muslim community because a 'couple' of lads are behaving badly... all teenagers behave badly, regardless of religion or race. St Bede's is a good school, where all the needs of the students are facilitated. Sometimes the boys at St.Bede's fight and the writers of these articles are stirring up trouble by pointing the finger of blame at the whole Muslim Community, and they need to know that this kind of thing causes so much hassle for people who work at the school. I'm a Catholic student at St Joseph's and have personal ties to St Bede's. Just stop it. Please.

Anonymous said...

Wot ever bs....

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