Friday, 23 September 2011
A very interesting study of Spanish demographics has just been published by the newspaper Expansión. This is a business newspaper. It's a bit like the Financial Times, except it doesn't bother reporting mainstream news at all. All its material is business-related. It's important to bear that in mind when reading this. This doesn't come from an "islamophobic" website. It doesn't even come from an equivalent of the Sun, the Daily Mail or the Telegraph. The sole purpose of the article is to help businessmen plan for the future in view of the demographic changes that are underway.
In provinces like Almería, Gerona, Tarragona, Lérida, Murcia, La Rioja, Barcelona, Castellón, Baleares or Teruel, ...the Muslim presence will be very high in 2036. With the current dynamics, and even without immigration, around 10% of the young people in Spain will be Muslim in 2036 2036, with peaks of not less than 15%–25% in the provinces previously mentioned, and 70% or more in Ceuta and Melilla.

Ceuta and Melilla are the Spanish exclaves in Africa surrounded by Moroccan territory. Read more about them here. The study predicts they will be utterly conquered demographically by Muslims, who will undoubtedly take control of the governments there and demand to be incorporated with Morocco. No doubt this will be accompanied by terrorist violence just to speed up the transition.

The most important fact to bear in mind about these projections is that they are based on the assumption of ZERO IMMIGRATION or emigration. So, in a more realistic scenario that incorporates immigration, the percentages will be even higher, quite possible significantly so.

According to their calculations, the population of Spain will shrink by around 3.5 million and the population of indigenous Spanish by around 5-6 million.

The population in 2036 will be much more elderly. 34% would be 60 or over, 18% 21 or less. Currently those percentages are 22% and 21% respectively. 25 years ago, those 60 and over were 17% of the population; those 21 and under 33%. In 2036, the average age in Spain will be around 47, compared to 41 now and 33 in 1976.

Source: Expansión


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