Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Berlin election results are in. Even though Turks are taking over the city, turning schools and underground stations into combat zones, and prompting the German police to threaten to start a protest movement of their own, the Counterjihad parties got nowhere. Pro Deutschland got 1.3% and Die Freiheit (affiliated with Geert Wilders) got 1%. This means they won't have any representatives as they didn't pass the 5% barrier. Even an ethnic turkish party (BIG), set up by the ruling AKP party in Turkey, got 0.7%, almost as much as the Counterjihad parties. The NPD, a sort of BNP equivalent, got 2.2%. The ridiculous Pirate Party, however, which campaigns for free internet downloads or something, got 9%, and will have 15 deputies. It's a sign of serious moral debasement when people will vote for such frivolous causes while their city is being eaten alive by Mohammedans.

The only halfway-serious party in the Berlin parliament will be the mainstream centre-right CDU with 39 seats. The SPD (Labour party equivalent) will have 47 seats, the Greens 29, the Left (rebadged communists) 19 and the Pirates 15!

Normally, as we contemplate the European genocide, we like to think of it as something inflicted on the people by the elite. But results like this really make you wonder. Have Europeans simply opted for extinction?

I actually translated the election manifesto and slogans for one of the clowns in the video. I won't say which one. Let's just say he's got a big smile on his face and won't have to clear his desk. Maybe I did too good a job on the translation.

For perspective, view this video on Muslim demographics in Germany. Although it talks about immigrants, most immigrants in Germany are Muslim Turks.

Source: SheikYerMami


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