Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The billionaire George Soros is financing pro-Muslim multicult propaganda via the "At Home in Europe" project, which features studies of Muslim life in various European cities. Last week, it was Marseilles' turn. Although it stretches to 300 pages, it's hardly worth reading the report. The conclusions are predictable in advance: poor Muslims face discrimination from evil Europeans. When they perform more poorly in almost every walk of life - from education to the employment market - it's the result of disadvantage and racism rather than a reflection of their own intrinsic merits.

Despite itself, though, the report did contain a few interesting little factoids. The one that leapt out for me is that Marseilles is 30-40% Muslim. As far as I know that would make it the most islamified city in Europe. I think even Brussels isn't quite that high.

Official data on religion are generally not collected in France, on the principle of laïcité, or secularism, and therefore the precise number of Muslims in Marseille is not available. However, research suggests that somewhere between 30 per cent and 40 per cent of the population is Muslim.

Children from Muslim families are more heavily represented in schools in the northern districts of Marseille. While there is no specific research indicating that children from a migrant background underperform in education, the schools in these northern districts have lower rates of students passing the national secondary exam and overall lower graduation rates.

the extent of actual interaction between groups appears more limited, with people of different ethnic or religious backgrounds living alongside one another without having regular interaction or exchanges with each other.

Poor levels of education may contribute to the higher levels of unemployment in areas with greater concentrations of migrants.

Muslims and non-Muslims had a varied range of ages but the Muslims were noticeably younger. Their average age was 35.7 years old while that of non-Muslims was 43.5 years. The population of Marseille is heterogeneous in age, with retired and ageing residents being over-represented, and an emerging presence of a younger population with large families, with a national or international immigration background.

Despite the fact that the non-Muslim population was significantly more elderly, more Muslims were economically inactive (40% for Muslim men, 60% for Muslim women) compared to 27% of the non-Muslims.

More than half of North African youths (53.6 per cent) leave school with a qualification at level V or below, compared with 39.8 per cent of young people of South European origin and 30.3 per cent of young people of French origin.172 At the other end of the spectrum, only 18.2 per cent of North African students leave education with a qualification at level III or above, compared with 28.9 per cent of youths of South European origin and 39.7 per cent of French youngsters of nonimmigrant families.

Virtually everyone in French public life, most especially the police themselves, recognise that Marseilles has a serious problem with crime and that the problem is related to immigration. But according to Soros' minions, this is a fable. The report speaks of an "imaginary link between insecurity and immigration" which it claims "belongs for the most part to the realm of myths and legends, sometimes exploited by politicians playing on their voters’ fear of the 'other'". The report boldly, and preposterously, declares:
in the field of petty crime, there is no difference between Marseille and the average small- or medium-sized city in France.

It's worth noting how shockingly amateurish and impressionistic this report is. Basically, a couple of researchers just turned up in a specific district of Marseilles and handed out 200 questionnaires. This means it has no real scientific foundation. Despite that, thanks to the power of the Soros machine, it was able to generate headlines around the world about poor Muslims facing discrimination in Marseilles. Of course, it is really the French people who are being discriminated against, the French people who were never asked whether they wanted their city to become a Muslim colony and who don't have foreign billionaires propagandising on their behalf.

The report "Muslims in Marseille" can be downloaded here.


Durotrigan said...

Why is Soros so keen on this Islamisation? Does anyone have any suggestions? Presumably, his report will have a sizeable section on Bradford?

Following on from last week's Muslim violence against Catholic children in Bradford, the local paper that covered the story is attempting to gloss over it by running with a feeble counter-story about a muslimah convert (she of the scowling picture) being subjected to 'verbal abuse' by non-Muslim schoolchildren. Shh! Don't mention the perpetrators of the real violence!: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2011/09/shipley-muslim-mother-moans-to.html

John Pierre said...

Heaven help us...it's going to end in tears, it has do.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The At Home in Europe project did a "Muslims in Leicester" report last year. Maybe we still have a "Muslims in Bradford" one to look forward to.

No idea why he does it. Maybe he's a true believer. Along with the British Council, he also finances the so-called Independent Commission on Turkey, which propagandises for Turkish entry to the EU.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

Marseille(s) features heavily on the French government’s Atlas des Zones urbaines sensibles, under the Bouches du Rhône department.

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