Wednesday, 21 September 2011

[The video says most of the prisoners are convicts who have escaped from Tunisian prisons.] H/T Feli for video link.

According to, the situation on Lampedusa has gone way beyond a fire and a breakout from the camp. Most of the illegal immigrants have returned to custody, but the ones still at large are provoking trouble. There are now serious incidents of violence there between the three contending factions: the police, the illegal immigrants and the Lampedusans.

It seems the Muslim immigrants took gas bottles from the immigration centre, carried them to a petrol station then threatened to set them alight, causing a detonation. This provoked fury in local Lampedusans, who attacked the Tunisians. It is reported that there are now anti-Tunisian lynch mobs running around and the police are doing their best to contain them. There are also reports of stone-throwing battles between Tunisians and Lampedusans.

A Tunisian was set upon by the locals just in front of the police in their riot gear. The police intervened to protect him. The Lampedusans shouted:
You better clear out of here, bastards - you have ruined the island. We want no more of you!

The mayor of the island, Dino De Rubeis, is barricaded inside his office with three police officers acting as bodyguards, after he was attacked by Lampedusan citizens this morning. They accused him of being too well-disposed towards the immigrants. The mayor has a baseball bat in his drawer.
"I need to defend myself and I am ready to use it," he says. "We are in a war situation," he adds. "The state should immediately send helicopters to transfer the Tunisians who are walking around on the island after they burnt the reception centre."

Dozens of angry local citizens are milling around outside the mayor's office. Outraged Lampedusans are also said to be threatening and attacking journalists.


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