Monday, 26 September 2011
Intelligence agencies have a term which they use when they have been caught doing something they shouldn't have, and when complete denial is no longer feasible: limited hang-out. In a limited hang-out, the guilty party will make a partial - very partial - admission of guilt. They will admit the very minimum they can get away with and put it all down to a misunderstanding or miscommunication, a mistake made by low-level operatives without executive approval or perhaps a misjudgement made with the best of intentions.

Labour have clearly decided to conduct a limited hang-out on immigration. Complete denial is no longer feasible. The Neather conspiracy is well-known, despite the best efforts of the left-wing establishment to cover it up or belittle it. Hence the limited hang-out strategy. Its outline is clear: acknowledge we made mistakes on immigration without admitting that we consciously deceived people about it; focus on immigration from Eastern Europe as the source of the problem; and, even then, just say that 'transitional controls' were needed.
Mr Miliband conceded: ‘We got it wrong in a number of respects including underestimating the level of immigration from Poland, which had a big effect on people in Britain.

...Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper admitted: ‘We did get things wrong on immigration.
‘We should have had transitional controls on migration from Eastern Europe.’
Source: Daily Mail

Of course if we really need to talk about immigration at all, it's best to talk only about Christian Europeans coming here to work, isn't it? As if they were the source of the problem.


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