Sunday, 18 September 2011
My translation of an article in Junge Freiheit:
The Green contingent in the regional parliament of Saxony wants to settle around 220,000 African civil war refugees in Germany. In a petition, the regional government is requested to propose a corresponding law in the federal parliament.

"The current situation of the transit refugees from Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia who are now stranded in Libya is already giving rise to special concern", the petitioners complain. Germany should therefore obligate itself to permanently accept a specific number of refugees and distribute them across the country.

Full claim to social services

"The decision to accept refugees must be independent of existing knowledge of languages, state of health, professional abilities or political orientations," the text goes on. There should be consultation "with local authorities in advance to clarify how many people, some of whom have had traumatising experiences, can be accommodated away from the centre and given appropriate medical and social care".

Germany must facilitate "social inclusion" for the refugees as soon as possible. "This includes a settlement permit or residence permit with unrestricted access to the labour market and a full claim to integration and social services as structural preconditions." A "rapid recognition of the professional certificates and qualifications achieved in their countries of origin" also forms part of this.

Creating a welcoming climate

To fight against prejudices in "the receiving society", measures should be taken to create "a welcoming climate". The barriers to integration are: "Discrimination and a rejecting attitude towards foreigners in the receiving society, lack of understanding for the special situation of refugees, restricted access to rights and resources."

Thanks to the settlement programme being requested, "economic independence will quickly be achieved," from which society will benefit over the long term: "Costs for reception, care and integration are repaid in the form of taxes, social contributions, know-how, etc. as with other advances..." gush the authors.
Source: Junge Freiheit


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