Saturday, 24 September 2011

Geert Wilders’ website has been hacked. A photograph of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was placed on the site by a hacker calling himself ‘Septemb0x’ and describing himself as a ‘Turkish Muslim hacker’.

The Freedom Party leader announced himself that the site had been hacked, but it’s not known what action he has taken, if any.

On Thursday Mr Wilders ended up in a shouting match with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte over the phrase de aap komt uit de mouw which literally means ‘the monkey comes out of the sleeve’ and is the Dutch equivalent of ‘the cat is out of the bag’.

The prime minister objected to Wilders' remark that “the Islamic monkey is coming out of the sleeve and his name is Erdogan” and told him to “act normally”.

The hacker referred back to the ‘monkey’ comment with the message: “You may have Apes. We came from the soil!”
Source: Radio Netherlands

In fact it was not Wilders who called Erdogan an "islamic monkey" but Raymond de Roon, another MP within the PVV party; even then, the reference was ambiguous and indirect.
The remark was made in the context of the Dutch saying daar komt de aap uit de mouw (here comes the monkey out of the sleeve) which means to reveal your true colours or intentions.

'Once again the Islamic monkey has shown himself,' De Roon said during parliamentary questions. 'This time he is in Ankara and his name is Erdogan.' De Roon was refering to what he called Turkey's anti-Israel rhetoric.
Source: Dutch News


You can see a video (with subtitles) of the 'Islamic monkey' discussion in the Dutch parliament here.


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