Thursday, 15 September 2011
Researchers at the Georg Eckert Institute in Germany have examined textbooks from several EU countries - including Germany, Austria, Spain, France and the UK - and concluded that they draw on "cultural racism" by conveying negative stereotypes about Islam.

"Islam is always presented as an obsolete system of rules that hasn't evolved since its Golden Age" in contrast with a Europe that is modern, deplores Susanne Kröhnert-Othman, director of the project, during a press conference.

Thus, a Spanish textbook describes "Islam as a patriarchal, authoritarian society, consisting of peasants and shepherds, that faces significant problems adjusting to modernity". This type of representation "does not allow us to fight against populist islamophobia", emphasises Ms. Kröhnert-Othman.

Islam is frequently represented in a simplified manner, as a homogeneous unit, without reflecting its diversity in the different regions of the world considered, say the experts, who did not detect significant differences among the five European countries studied.

The researchers recommend including in the school material information on Muslim reforms carried out by religious figures and intellectuals, and the processes of modernisation.

They also call for revision of the chapters about immigration. "Muslims must not be classified as a group composed in part of non-European immigrants whose traditions prevent integration", say the researchers.
Source: Le Monde

Of course our textbooks already convey a ridiculously sanitised version of Islamic history, with patently absurd assertions that Islam didn't spread by the sword, distorted descriptions of the concept of Jihad and exaggerated, indeed mythical, accounts that present Muslim-ruled Spain as a model of multicultural harmony. But even that isn't enough for these ideologues. The brainwashing must be stepped up a gear. The few grains of truth that remain in these textbooks must be erased and replaced by even more propaganda.


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