Thursday, 22 September 2011

From the Telegraph's account:
Clashes broke out Wednesday as some residents hurled stones at migrants who were threatening to blow up some gas canisters, news reports said. Angry residents also assaulted TV crews and other journalists covering the rioting, telling them to leave the island alone.

The clashes left several people injured, the reports said.
Lampedusa mayor Bernardino De Rubeis denounced the government for abandoning the island to cope with the chaos alone, calling the migrants "delinquents" and insisting the island wouldn't accept one more.

He said he kept a baseball bat in his office for protection.
"I must defend myself," he was quoted as saying by ANSA. "We're at war, people have decided to take justice into their own hands."

He demanded Italian President Giorgio Napolitano come to Lampedusa "to show some solidarity with people who have been violated repeatedly" by the arrival of so many desperate migrants.
Source: Daily Telegraph


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