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When they're feeling really, really bold, western politicians occasionally murmur about the prevalence of foreign imams in mosques. It's a barrier to integration, they say, having foreigners from countries with alien traditions in charge of religious affairs.

What, though, if the western governments didn't complain? What if they even hosted receptions to welcome the new religious officials coming from abroad? And what if this gratitude was effusively expressed even though the new sacerdotes were in the pay of a foreign government and didn't speak a word of the native language?

This is exactly what has just happened in Austria. The Turkish government in Ankara, through its Office for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has just appointed 9 new religious commissars to be dispatched to Austria. There they will remain in the pay and under the authority of the Turkish government and will play a dominating role in the religious lives of Muslims living in Austria. Most of the mosques and Islamic religious organisations there are effectively controlled by ATIB (Avusturya Türkiye İslam Birliği), the Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation, and, through it, the Turkish government. Austrian imams literally have their sermons written for them in a government office in Ankara.

However, the Turks have graciously agreed to undergo training in Austrian culture and have expressed a "motivation" to learn German! For this, the Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry is deeply grateful. Its official statement reads:
In the "Socio-cultural training sessions", which will be held once per year in Vienna on the initiative of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the new religious commissioners will be given tuition in the history, politics, society and culture of Austria. In this, themes such as democracy and the rule of law, religious pluralism and freedom of religion and conscience will be touched on, as well as questions relating to integration and participation in presentations and discussions.

The extent to which Austria has descended into dhimmitude and abased itself in front of these Muslim Turks is simply astounding. It's almost a reverse of 19th century imperialism when western powers would extract special "concessions" and privileges for their nationals in weak, oriental despotisms.

Source: SOS Heimat

Graffiti spotted in Vienna. Of course, if it had been "Pig Muslims Destroy the World" it would have been quickly erased after having become a major crime scene and being dusted for fingerprints by the best forensic specialists in the land.

Source: SOS Heimat

Individual words can have a talismanic power. Raphael Lemkin, the person who originally defined the word and the concept of genocide, then campaigned successfully to have it accepted into mainstream discourse and international legal instruments, had got absolutely nowhere earlier on pushing the same set of ideas using the terms 'barbarity' and 'vandalism' to describe them. Of course, the intervening Second World War helped make the world more receptive to his case.

In the debate on the immigration of non-Europeans into Europe, and the problems that flow from it, the words racism, islamophobia and xenophobia, and their cognates, have proved to have extraordinary intimidating power. As awareness of the problematical nature of Islam spreads, however, it is good to see that 'islamophobia' has at least provoked some intellectual pushback.

Anyone wishing to make the case that the spread of Islam in Europe is not a good thing, or that the peoples of Europe have the right to live securely in their own homelands, practising their own culture in countries populated primarily by their own ancestral kin and a small number of outsiders admitted solely on the basis that their presence is deemed likely to yield some benefit to the tribe, first has to fight their way through a
defensive phalanx in which the words mentioned above are brandished like a thicket of spears. The words crystallise emotional accusations and therefore relieve those who use them from the burden of having to make a rational case for their point of view.

For example, Josep Anglada, the leader of the anti-Islam, anti-immigration Catalan nationalist party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC) has just announced that he is taking legal action against the editor of the Vanguardia newspaper, which, In June, described the PxC as a "xenophobic party". Anglada issued the following statement:
Plataforma per Catalunya declares that it is not a xenophobic party. PxC is a nationalist (identitario) party which, in its political discourse, defends our own identity as an asset to be protected. For this reason we criticise uncontrolled immigration on the understanding that it could distort our identity or make it disappear. The defence of these postulates has nothing to do with xenophobia or racism.

We need similar weapons to the opposition. The term 'dhimmi' has proven useful to some extent, but only among the discourse of those already in the know. The average person in the street probably hasn't heard of it and needs an explanation.

The historian Richard Landes discusses the need for a powerful word weapon on his blog here.
If paranoia/xenophobia is an irrational fear of someone or something, then what term do we use for the irrational lack of fear of something genuinely menacing. We don’t have a word for it yet, but if free and democratic culture is to survive in this troubled century, we will have to find a term and identify those afflicted with this irrationality.

I suggest we start using the term xenomania to describe this state of mind and xenomaniac for those in thrall to it. Xenophilia is the obvious converse of xenophobia but 'philia' sounds too benign and level-headed. We need a word that implies irrationality, containing an implicit accusation that its targets are emotionally unbalanced and psychologically unhinged.

It's tempting to dismiss the attitude of western do-gooders as a simple-minded naivety. They don't really believe in evil, you might think, so they can't get their minds around Islam. The truth, though, is that they're all too willing to believe in evil: in their own countrymen. Indeed, the terms 'racist', 'islamophobe' and 'xenophobe' aren't much more than shorthand ways of saying 'evil'. They are willing to believe their own compatriots are evil at the drop of a hat; but unwilling to regard aliens as evil even in the face of overwhelming evidence. We need a term to describe this attitude. Xenomania does it, I think.

I didn't invent this term. I came across it today while reading an article in French on Novopress which uses the term xenomanie to describe the attitude of some pro-immigration do-gooders within the Catholic church. By anglicising this, we may have found a useful weapon in the struggle.

Apparently there is a band called Xenomania. They'll just have to deal with it if the term and its cognates come to be widely used.

UPDATE: Alicia has posted a translation of this article into Castilian Spanish on La Tercera Yihad (The Third Jihad) blog here.

The Algerian writer Boualem Sansal - who is to be awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade this year - recently gave an interview to a Swiss newspaper in which he had a few interesting things to say about Islam. I've translated a few extracts below.

In your novels you criticise Islamism and in "The Village of the German" [translated into English and published in the UK as An Unfinished Business/in the US as The German Mujahid] have even drawn parallels between Islamism and fascism in Europe. Can literature really change anything in matters such as these?

For me, Islamism is the ultimate evil. The Islamists claims to speak for God but, really, it's Satan they're hearing. But many people believe they can liberate themselves through Islam. When these people read books, and experience what another life could look like, perhaps it helps them to find a true liberation. A Muslim woman in a Muslim land, where she has no rights, cannot free herself. Because she's afraid and she believes these things herself. But when she reads about free women, she may find that wonderful, and it may inspire her. It's not just writers, though. All people can help by giving an example to others.

At the moment it looks as though there are huge changes in the Arab world; but you have already expressed yourself sceptically about this several times. Is the so-called Arab Spring really a first step to liberation?

The Arab Spring hasn't even begun yet. The true prison is not the dictatorship. The dictatorship is only the first wall, but behind that is the true prison, the high-security wing so to speak. That is the culture and the question of Islam. This problem hasn't been tackled yet and for that reason I say that the Arab Spring hasn't really begun yet. In Tunisia perhaps there is a small beginning, but no more. In Egypt there is no movement at all. The question of Islamism is unresolved, also the question of the Copts. There are 15 million Christians in the country, but according to the constitution Islam is the state religion there. So what about these 15 million? Are they not citizens? It will be interesting when there are elections in Libya or Tunisia or Egypt. If the Islamists win they will set up a dictatorship again, either a soft dictatorship like in Turkey or a dictatorship like in Iran. In the democrats win, there are several possibilities. In Egypt they might win thanks to the army. But that's not a real democracy. You'll see democrats going to the barracks to get their instructions. Perhaps it would be an intelligent military dictatorship. In Libya there's a threat of civil war and the division of the country. The regions in the south and east are not ripe for democracy culturally. Maybe the urban regions around Tripoli are. In Algeria, similarly, some regions are ripe for democracy, others not.
Thursday, 29 September 2011

Muslim belief has it that the conversations, pronouncements and actions of the Prophet Mohammed and a few of those close to him are recorded in the collections of biographical information that were assembled two hundred years after his death. The more realistic of today’s Western scholars take the view that the authenticity of the collections is highly doubtful: each scrap of information or hadith (plural: ahadith) was gathered from a chain of transmission stretching back two centuries and with no independent historical verification. In spite of that, the collections of ahadith carry great authority for Muslims, second only to the Qur’an itself.

Some ahadith form the basis of Islamic law and some recount the more notorious aspects of Mohammed’s life, such as nine-year-old Aisha telling how her mother washed her face and then handed her over to the Prophet for his gratification. For now, though, a few examples to warn against elevating the witterings of a madman to the status of sacred text.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 539. Narrated Abu Talha: The Prophet said, ‘Angels do not enter a house which has either a dog or a picture in it.’

Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 664. Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said to Abu Dhar, ‘Listen and obey [your chief] even if he is an Ethiopian with a head like a raisin.’

Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 162. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, ‘… whoever cleans his private parts with stones should do it with an odd number of stones.’

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 516. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, ‘If anyone of you rouses from sleep and performs the ablution, he should wash his nose by putting water in it and then blowing it out thrice, because Satan has stayed in the upper part of his nose all the night.’

Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 175. Narrated Ibn Umar: The Prophet said, ‘It is better for a man to fill the inside of his body with pus than to fill it with poetry.’

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said ‘If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it [in the drink], for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.’

Islam regards the Prophet Mohammed as the perfect man, which just about says it all.

I've written before about the islamification of French cinema and discussed the role of government agencies in offering subsidies to film projects that communicate approved messages in favour of Muslims, immigrants, diversity and multiculturalism.

One of the favourite themes of these Sovietesque propaganda films is to 'Frenchify' the aliens by associating them with the wartime resistance to the Nazis. We've already seen this in 'Days of Glory' and 'Army of Crime'. Now comes another in the same vein: 'Les Hommes Libres' [The Free Men]. The film tells the story of how Muslims supposedly helped save Jews from the Nazis by helping them pretend to be Muslims instead. I've no doubt there will turn out to be some state funding behind this too.

UPDATE: Yes, I was right. You can see from this page here that 'Les Hommes Libres' received funding from the "Images de la diversité" Commission, a French government agency whose purpose is to sponsor multiculturalist propaganda, often in insidious ways that are not readily apparent.

This is a very interesting idea from Germany which could usefully be copied elsewhere. It is a website designed to prepare the groundwork for a future prosecution of Germany's current generation of media and political leaders: a Nuremberg 2.0.

Based on a wiki concept, it aims to collect information on the "systematic and illegal islamification of Germany and the crimes of left-wing fascists in suppressing the people".

The website's front page features a quote from a December 1947 judgement at the Nuremberg trials, or Nuremberg 1.0 as we might now call it. Officials of the German state were convicted of
conscious participation in a system of cruelty and injustice, spread across the entire country and organized by the government, and the violation of the laws of war and of humanity, committed in the name of law under the authority of the Ministry of Justice with the help of the courts - the murderer’s dagger was hidden beneath the robes of justice.

The website's statement of purpose is as follows:
The islamification of Germany was and is only possible because German politicians, jurists, journalists and other professional groups have made, and continue to make, massive infringements of the substance and spirit of our constitution.

The goal of the "Nürnberg 2.0" project is to record these legal infringements, and to name those responsible publicly so that, at a suitable time, they can be held to account, based on the example of the Nuremberg war crime tribunals of 1945, using legal and democratic means.

The website collects information about individuals who are complicit in the genocide of the German people currently underway, describes their offences and substantiates the accusations with evidence. At the top is a graphic from the page dedicated to Joschka Fischer, pro-Turkey lobbyist and former German foreign minister.

His crimes are listed at the bottom:
Forming a terrorist association
Grievous bodily harm
Attempted manslaughter
Resistance to state authority
Relativising murder committed by RAF [Red Army Faction, a German left-wing terrorist group]
Endangerment of the democratic constitutional order through the establishment of possibilities for illegal immigration
Incitement of hatred against a people
Glorification of the inhuman dictatorship of the GDR (East Germany)
Mockery of German victims of crime through multicult madness
Appeal and incitement to commit a criminal offence

This is a fantastic idea. It would be great to see similar pages set up for every country in Europe. We have to believe that the European Genocide will one day be acknowledged; and hope that at least some of the perpetrators can one day be held to account.

A number of the Dutch papers are reporting that a helpline for victims of anti-gay hate crime was launched on Tuesday.

Henk Krol, editor of the Gay Krant newspaper which set up the phone line, says homosexuals in the Netherlands are being terrorised on a large scale. De Telegraaf newspaper reports a majority of MPs want a debate on the issue.

The recent case of a homosexual couple who were forced to move from their house in The Hague after being harassed for years by immigrant-community children, received wide publicity.

Mr Krol tells De Telegraaf that there are similar examples of gay couples being forced out of homes in Utrecht and Amsterdam. He gives examples of harassment, such as “shit through the letterbox, pornographic pictures in the front garden or ‘homo’ scratched on car paintwork”.

Judging from the reports made on the first day of the helpline’s operation, it appears that homosexuals throughout the Netherlands are being verbally abused and having their lives made a misery, according to De Telegraaf. There are also reports of physical abuse.
Source: Radio Netherlands

On Tuesday afternoon, in the Saint-Josse district of Brussels - a heavily immigrant-colonised neighbourhood - a 37-year-old Muslim was walking down the street with his burka-clad wife. Wearing the burka has been illegal in Belgium since the middle of July, so two policemen approached them and proceeded to carry out an identity check on the woman. The Muslim male objected vehemently to what they were doing. He struck one of the police officers and ordered his wife back to the house. Then he threatened to kill the police if they continued to pursue his wife.

The male Muslim was arrested and charged with "insubordination" and "wilfully causing injuries". His wife is going to be fined for wearing the burka.


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who has single-handedly done more to rescue the posthumous reputation of Idi Amin than anyone would have believed possible at the time he was alive, thinks she knows what puts the Great into Great Britain: her. And people like her. She means brown people.

Reacting to the government's recent launch of a PR campaign for Britain to polish our riot-tarnished image, she hisses with indignation:
An astoundingly backward selection of images have been picked to represent it. Scan this panorama and there are no women, though one poster does feature a killingly high stiletto shoe. Royalty is represented by the obese wife killer Henry VIII. Adele is mentioned in the small print. Misogynist visitors hoping to escape femaleness will surely get a shock when they land.

Sure. And now that the preamble's out of the way, let's get to what you really wanted to say.
Just as scandalous is the total absence of the racial and cultural mix that defines London, our extraordinary metropolis. I lie. The prosthetic arm, representing innovation, is shiny black, a careless slip perhaps. We would never have won the Olympics with such a mendacious, whitewashed sales pitch. That bid celebrated our energetic and multifarious land. Should our athletes and players of colour choose to boycott the British team, the number of British medals wouldn't fill a Smythson's business card wallet designed by the fragrant Samantha Cameron. Billionaire Asian businessmen, black newsreaders, Sayeeda Warsi, the female Muslim Tory Cabinet member, actors like Adrian Lester, singers like Leona Lewis – none of them are good enough to be Great Britain's representatives.

Sayeeda Warsi, some Olympic medals and a few singers. Was it worth giving Britain up for that? YAB seems confident we'd all agree that it was.
Our racially and culturally varied population is routinely decried by millions of Britons and some powerful and influential leaders. But imagine turning the clock back to the 1950s, to the safe and dull place they say it was then. How many indigenous Britons would, in all honesty, return to those times?

How many indeed, Yasmin? That is a very interesting question which will perhaps one day be approximated in a referendum. Then we'll have our answer. And not just in Britain but all across Europe, I wonder how many Europeans would opt to restore the demographic make-up of their countries to its 1950s condition if that choice was available to them at the press of a magic button.

And note the description of a Europe that was actually European as "dull". She attributes this to others; but that of course is what she really thinks herself. Europe had a rich, colourful history for centuries before you non-Europeans arrived, Yasmin. Many of us would love to go back to that era of 'dullness', free of religious terrorism, free of the institutionalised guilt of political correctness, free of equality audits, communitarian politics and the many exotic new crimes that you invaders brought with you.
In spite of racism, this nation has always been open to change, that is the secret of its success.

Change is on the way, Yasmin. But not the kind you were hoping for.

Source: Independent

Peter Oborne is one of the top 5 dhimmis in Britain, a staunch defender of the Muslim cause at every opportunity, but even stopped clocks occasionally tell the right time. Last night on Newsnight, he repeatedly referred to Amadeu Altafaj, an economic spokesman from the EU commission, as an "idiot". Altafaj eventually walked out. Now the EU Commission is demanding a formal apology from the BBC, even though the BBC says it has already apologised "verbally".

"The basis of our approach in our work with the media, which is (founded on) respect and professionalism, has not been respected and we regret that, and of course we expect apologies," declared the Commission spokesman, Pia Ahrenkilde-Hansen.


Is this modern Europe? Where you may not speak slightingly of the emperor or the emperor's minions?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[Graphic says "Immigrants: more cheek every day"]

The vice president of pro-immigrant organization Secondos Plus has infuriated far-right politicians and others in Switzerland with his “humorous” calls for a new Swiss flag, contributor Meritzell Mir reports.

What started as a joke to provoke reflection on Swiss values has turned into a nightmare for Ivica Petrusic and Secondos Plus, an association for children of immigrants born in the country.

More than a month ago, Petrusic, the vice president of the lobby group, suggested the cross should be removed from the Swiss flag to bring it more in line with today’s “multicultural Switzerland.” In two recent interviews, Petrusic sought to defuse the issue. Instead, debate flared anew and now Petrusic faces threats from groups on the extreme-right.

During the presentation of the association’s candidates for the National Council on August 23rd, Petrusic made a remark about the city of Aarau, where he lives, and which once was the short-lived capital of the Helvetian Republic. There, for a short period in Switzerland’s history, foreigners had the right to vote. Afterwards, he brought up the former flag of the Confederation, a three-striped banner in green, red and yellow. The next day, his remarks made it into the news and were reported in the manner he insists they were intended: as a joke.

“All Petrusic was trying to do was get people’s attention through humour in order to make them reflect on the values of Switzerland, the past and the future,” Daniel Ordás, a Secondos Plus board member, told The Local. The association has more than 400 members, and the majority hold a Swiss passport.

But three weeks later the Aargauer Zeitung, a local newspaper, followed up and again asked Petrusic about the flag. Instead of explaining that it was a humorous way to bring up the issue of integration in Switzerland, the 34-year-old Christian Bosnian Croat made further remarks that added fuel to the fire.

He said that the old tricolour “represented a progressive Switzerland, open to the world,” as opposed to the current banner which “no longer corresponds with today’s multicultural Switzerland” because the country “has great religious and cultural diversity.” All hell broke loose.

It did not matter that Secondos Plus issued a statement saying that it was all a misunderstanding, and that it was not the organization’s goal to change the national flag. The damage was done.

Despite the clarification, it did not take too long for the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) to launch a media campaign against Secondos Plus. Immigration is the cornerstone of its political platform and an ad taken out by the SVP and published on Monday in the Swiss media read: “Immigrants, more and more shameless every day!”

Yvette Estermann, an SVP lawmaker, said the statement made by Petrusic shows “disrespect” towards Switzerland. She wondered “if the next thing will be to abolish Christian churches” in the country.

“As a way of getting people’s attention, it is a good move, but the problem is that this group is involved in politics, so this is outrageous,” said Estermann, an immigrant from Slovakia herself.

“It is unacceptable that immigrants give orders to their host country on what it has to do,” she told The Local. Estermann also leads the conservative immigrants group Neu Heimat Schweiz (Switzerland New Homeland).

For Marianne Binder-Keller, spokeswoman for the Christian-Democratic People’s Party (CVP), Petrusic’s meaning was clear. “I don’t think it was a joke, they were for real,” she said. “But they were later shocked about the reaction it provoked.

Ordás, however, says that the conservatives should not protest so much, since Petrusic’s gaffe will likely garner them a lot of votes. “The biggest problem here is that this is something that everyone in the SVP wanted to be true because they needed a new reason to bring immigration back into their campaign,” said the executive member of Secondos Plus. “It has been a gift to them.

But beyond politics, there are deeper worries for Secondos Plus since the story started circulating in religious and extreme-right forums on the internet across the globe.

“We have received hundreds of e-mails with insults, requests for us to leave the country, and threats, including a dozen death threats against our vice president,” said Ordás. “Petrusic is quite scared and wants to stay away from public focus because we are taking these threats very seriously.” Still, threats will not prevent Secondos Plus from staying in politics, he added.

“They should not make too much of the death threats they are getting because every politician, including myself, gets them,” Binder-Keller said.

But what hurts Secondos Plus’s members most, said Ordás, is the correspondence from immigrants who call them “idiots” for having given votes in the upcoming general elections to the far-right SVP, which claimed 29 percent of the vote at the last parliamentary elections in 2007.
Source: The Local

Swiss parliamentarians approved on Wednesday a far-right move to impose a ban on the burqa or other face coverings in some public places, including on public transport.

With 101 votes against 77, the lower chamber of the house approved the motion titled "masks off!".

The draft bill will still have to be examined by the upper chamber.

Put forward by Oskar Freysinger, a politician of the Swiss far-right SVP party, the motion requires "anyone addressing a federal, cantonal or communal authority exercising his or her functions, to present themselves with their faces uncovered."

Burqas would also be banned on public transport, while "authorities can ban or restrict access to public buildings to such individuals in order to guarantee the security of other users."

Explaining the motion, Freysinger noted that "at a time when insecurity is growing in our streets, more and more people are hiding their faces behind a balaclava, a mask or a burqa.

"This makes it impossible to identify these people, a fact that is particularly troublesome in case of violence or identity checks," he noted.

France was the first European Union country to impose a ban on the burqa in public places, while Belgium joined it some months later.

On September 16th, the Dutch government also agreed to a ban on the full Islamic veil under a deal with the far-right party of the anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders.
Source: The Local

And the uncouth Turks obviously got the UN security staff reassigned to other duties afterwards. Erdogan acts like a mafia kingpin.

This graphic shows the level of official multiculturalism in different countries at the level of government policy, and how it has changed over time. This is called the Multiculturalism Policy Index (MCP Index). The measure has been created as part of a multicult propaganda programme, financed by the British Council and the EU. More information here.

It is interesting to see that it is not European countries that are the 'extremists' as far as their official embrace of multiculturalism is concerned, but Australia and Canada, although Sweden is doing its best to catch up. Also interesting is that the Netherlands has defied the trend of ever-increasing multiculturalism, and was significantly less multicultural in 2010 than it had been in 2000.

Extracts from a report that compares the MPI scores of different countries:
The countries were each evaluated for an official affirmation of multiculturalism; multiculturalism in the school curriculum; inclusion of ethnic representation/sensitivity in public media and licensing; exemptions from dress codes in public laws; acceptance of dual citizenship; funding of ethnic organizations to support cultural activities; funding of bilingual and mother-tongue instruction; and affirmative action for immigrant groups.

...The evidence from these indices indicates that, despite Chancellor Merkel's reproach of multiculturalism, Germany is not a country of strong multicultural policies. In fact, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland are among the least multicultural of all countries measured, though Germany has adopted more multicultural policies over time. Belgium, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States all rank as moderate multicultural countries, while Canada and Australia rank highest as having adopted the broadest range of multicultural policies.

In many of the countries analyzed, we find an increase in the number of multicultural policies over time – a perhaps surprising development given current political rhetoric. Sweden's multicultural policies in 1980 and 2000 could be categorized as modest, for instance, but by 2010 they were widespread and strong. Spain and Portugal, countries with very little international migration in 1980 and correspondingly weak multicultural policies, had moved to a moderate level of multicultural policy development by 2010.

This suggests that actual policy in many countries is slowly inching toward greater accommodation of pluralism, despite the political rhetoric around the perceived problems of diversity. Of course, policy developments are a moving target. While the general trend is toward a greater range of multicultural policies in most Western countries, some nations, like the United States, have experienced no appreciable change in national multiculturalism.

MCP Index reports are available in different languages here.

The website PI (Politically Incorrect) is the focus of the German Counterjihad movement and claims to be the largest political blog in Europe. For the last two weeks, it has been under relentless attack from the German mainstream press. Various newspapers have used a stock of purloined private emails to insinuate that the people behind PI are somehow a threat to the German constitutional order. They are demanding that the website and the Counterjihad movement ("islamophobes") more generally be subject to surveillance by the domestic German intelligence agency, the BfV (similar to MI5).

If the past is any guide, this surveillance tends to be rather intrusive in nature, involving the use of infiltrators and agents provocateurs. Indeed, the last time the German state tried to ban the old skool far-right NPD party through the courts, the case collapsed when it emerged that virtually all of the party members who had done and said the most outrageous things were actually state infiltrators and informers!

Last week, no doubt inspired by this press hysteria, PI also came under relentless Denial Of Service attack and was unavailable most of the time.

Der Spiegel has been one of the cheerleaders of the witchhunt against PI. Here is one of its articles on the subject.
Officials from the BfV, Germany's domestic intelligence agency, will discuss the country's increasingly vocal Islamophobe scene at a meeting on Thursday. There have been calls to put right-wing populist and anti-Muslim groups under increased surveillance.

Islamophobes in Germany could come under increased surveillance by the country's domestic intelligence agency. There are concerns that the anti-Muslim scene is becoming increasingly dangerous, and some intelligence officials want it to be subject to greater scrutiny, despite stringent German privacy laws.

The subject will be discussed at a meeting on Thursday between the president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Heinz Fromm, and the agency's leaders in the 16 German states. Officials in Bavaria are considering putting right-wing populists under observation as a new form of extremism, while Hamburg has declared it is watching an internet discussion forum similar to anti-Islamic website "Politically Incorrect" (PI).

A spokesman from the North Rhine-Westphalia interior ministry told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper that PI was not currently under observation by intelligence agents, but that the blog was being read closely and that the opinions and comments published on it were "undemocratic." The xenophobic comments were calculated to "incite young people", the spokesman added.

Most states are reluctant, however, and the federal interior ministry has also not yet committed itself on the matter. In essence, the question is whether the hatred of Muslims is enough to endanger freedom of religion and international understanding -- or whether it is a radical but legitimate expression of opinion by individual authors within the limits of the constitution.
Source: Der Spiegel
Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The billionaire George Soros is financing pro-Muslim multicult propaganda via the "At Home in Europe" project, which features studies of Muslim life in various European cities. Last week, it was Marseilles' turn. Although it stretches to 300 pages, it's hardly worth reading the report. The conclusions are predictable in advance: poor Muslims face discrimination from evil Europeans. When they perform more poorly in almost every walk of life - from education to the employment market - it's the result of disadvantage and racism rather than a reflection of their own intrinsic merits.

Despite itself, though, the report did contain a few interesting little factoids. The one that leapt out for me is that Marseilles is 30-40% Muslim. As far as I know that would make it the most islamified city in Europe. I think even Brussels isn't quite that high.

Official data on religion are generally not collected in France, on the principle of laïcité, or secularism, and therefore the precise number of Muslims in Marseille is not available. However, research suggests that somewhere between 30 per cent and 40 per cent of the population is Muslim.

Children from Muslim families are more heavily represented in schools in the northern districts of Marseille. While there is no specific research indicating that children from a migrant background underperform in education, the schools in these northern districts have lower rates of students passing the national secondary exam and overall lower graduation rates.

the extent of actual interaction between groups appears more limited, with people of different ethnic or religious backgrounds living alongside one another without having regular interaction or exchanges with each other.

Poor levels of education may contribute to the higher levels of unemployment in areas with greater concentrations of migrants.

Muslims and non-Muslims had a varied range of ages but the Muslims were noticeably younger. Their average age was 35.7 years old while that of non-Muslims was 43.5 years. The population of Marseille is heterogeneous in age, with retired and ageing residents being over-represented, and an emerging presence of a younger population with large families, with a national or international immigration background.

Despite the fact that the non-Muslim population was significantly more elderly, more Muslims were economically inactive (40% for Muslim men, 60% for Muslim women) compared to 27% of the non-Muslims.

More than half of North African youths (53.6 per cent) leave school with a qualification at level V or below, compared with 39.8 per cent of young people of South European origin and 30.3 per cent of young people of French origin.172 At the other end of the spectrum, only 18.2 per cent of North African students leave education with a qualification at level III or above, compared with 28.9 per cent of youths of South European origin and 39.7 per cent of French youngsters of nonimmigrant families.

Virtually everyone in French public life, most especially the police themselves, recognise that Marseilles has a serious problem with crime and that the problem is related to immigration. But according to Soros' minions, this is a fable. The report speaks of an "imaginary link between insecurity and immigration" which it claims "belongs for the most part to the realm of myths and legends, sometimes exploited by politicians playing on their voters’ fear of the 'other'". The report boldly, and preposterously, declares:
in the field of petty crime, there is no difference between Marseille and the average small- or medium-sized city in France.

It's worth noting how shockingly amateurish and impressionistic this report is. Basically, a couple of researchers just turned up in a specific district of Marseilles and handed out 200 questionnaires. This means it has no real scientific foundation. Despite that, thanks to the power of the Soros machine, it was able to generate headlines around the world about poor Muslims facing discrimination in Marseilles. Of course, it is really the French people who are being discriminated against, the French people who were never asked whether they wanted their city to become a Muslim colony and who don't have foreign billionaires propagandising on their behalf.

The report "Muslims in Marseille" can be downloaded here.

Some more interesting videos of this below. These are from Novopress, which claims NATO forces (KFOR) opened fire on the civilian Serbs who were manning the barricades. Tear gas, rubber bullets and real bullets were used.

Another report from Russia Today:

The totalitarianism is becoming increasingly overt.
Journalists guilty of gross malpractice should be struck off a professional register to prevent them working in news, the shadow culture secretary will suggest at the Labour conference on Tuesday.

Ivan Lewis is proposing a "system of independent regulation including proper like-for-like redress which means mistakes and falsehoods on the front page receive apologies and retraction on the front page".

...Lewis will suggest that newspapers should introduce a system whereby journalists could be struck off a register for malpractice.
Source: Guardian

No doubt these licensed journalists would have "equality" obligations imposed upon them as public sector agencies do, such as a duty to promote "tolerance" and combat "discrimination". Say a bad word about Muslims or immigration and your licence will be withdrawn.

Representatives of Syriac-Orthodox Christians in Turkey have criticised the portrayal of their faith community in a government school textbook. According to a report in the newspaper "Radikal" (Monday) the history textbook for the 10th form describes Christians as traitors who emigrated from Turkey for economic reasons and in the west have become "tools for the political and religious interests of the countries there". The report says that representatives of the Syriac-Orthodox Christians have complained that this would further deepen hostility to the Christian minority.

In the last few decades, many Syriac-Orthodox Christians have left their home in south-eastern Anatolia because they were caught between the front lines of the Turkish state and the Kurdish PKK rebels. Most of the emigrants have settled in Germany and Switzerland. More recently, some have returned to their old villages in the area around the old monastery Mor Gabriel in the Mardin province in South-East Turkey.

Source: Kathpress

The Italian government has spent 450,000 euros on cigarettes for illegal immigrants on Lampedusa since the start of the year. Each illegal immigrant is 'entitled' to one packet of cigarettes per day.

Cono Galipò, the director general of the organisation that manages the two immigrant reception centres on the island - one of which was burnt down last week - said the cigarettes had a tranquilising effect on the immigrants. Galipò's indulgence of the invaders seems to have had a far from tranquilising effect on local Lampedusans, however, who are outraged about what has been happening to their once peaceful island. Last week Galipò's car was set on fire.

Even though the Italian government is implementing a harsh austerity programme, and some Italian families have been reduced to living in their cars, last week a budget of 728 million euros was allocated to cover the cost of illegal immigration till the end of this year.

Source: Novopress

A growing number of young British Muslims are taking second or third wives in an unexpected revival of polygamy, according to religious leaders.

The new wave of polygamy is revealed in a special report by the BBC Asian Network using findings from the Islamic Sharia Council. The council, which provides legal advice and guidance to Muslims, said it was receiving an unprecedented number of inquiries about polygamous marriages. Its most recent figures show that, for the first time, polygamy is now among the top ten reasons cited for divorce, as wives decide that they can no longer tolerate competing with one another.

Polygamy is illegal in Britain, but Muslim men can take a second, third or even a fourth wife under Sharia in a religious ceremony known as the nikah. These wives are not recognised by British law, but are considered legitimate within many Muslim communities.

Khola Hasan, lecturer and adviser to the Islamic Sharia Council, said it was clear that polygamy among the younger generation was on the increase. “Out of 700 applications for divorce in 2010, 43 cited polygamy as the reason,” she said.

Ms Hasan said her research uncovered three main reasons for the growth in polygamy. The first is the growing number of young Muslim men who want to practise a more orthodox and conservative form of the religion. “Young men who have come into a more radical understanding of faith know it is illegal to marry more than once [under British law], but do it to spite the system,” Ms Hasan said. “These marriages have the lowest record of succeeding,” she said.

Monday, 26 September 2011

It sounds better in Spanish: Prohíben los toros… Para traernos los moros. They ban the bulls to bring us the Moors [Muslims].

There have been quite a few news reports about the demise of bull-fighting in Catalonia. So far I haven't seen any that mentioned the proposals to build a mosque on the site of the soon-to-be-unused bullfighting ring in Barcelona, known as La Monumental. If the plans came to fruition, this would be the third-largest mosque in the world, featuring the tallest minaret in the world. It's worth noting that this would be less than 500 metres from the Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous churches in the world. No doubt the minaret is intended to overshadow it in a typical Islamic supremacist gesture. For more details of the mosque proposals, see here.

As the last bullfighting event took place there on Saturday, members of the anti-immigration, anti-Islam PxC (Plataforma per Catalunya) party handed out leaflets protesting about the plans for the mosque. The party's leader, Josep Anglada, is seen in the photograph below, wearing the black jacket.

Sources: Alerta Digital, PxC

Bullfighting supporters clash with animal rights activists in the video below.

An upcoming autobiography from press baron Conrad Black reveals that Pope Benedict lamented the 'slow suicide of Europe' because of Muslim immigration.

Buried away on page 48 of the former press proprietor Conrad Black’s superb, soon-to-be-published autobiography, A Matter of Principle, is the answer to a burning question that very many people have been asking for several years: What does the pope really think about Islamic immigration into Europe?

... Lord Black’s authoritative and highly readable new memoir (full disclosure: I’m a dedicatee) reveals that at a small dinner party given at the home of Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter, the then–cardinal archbishop of Toronto, in 1990, the then-cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—now Pope Benedict—"lamented 'the slow suicide of Europe:' its population was aging and shrinking, and the unborn were being partly replaced by unassimilable immigrants. He thought that Europe would awake from its torpor, but that there were difficult days head."

... thanks to Lord Black’s fascinating book we now know what the pope really thinks, and indeed thought back in 1990, even before the last two decades of mass immigration into Europe from African and Middle Eastern Muslim countries. For the phrase "unassimilable immigrants" cannot refer to anyone else, because there was no large-scale immigration into Europe at that time from any other peoples who fit that description. The largely unassimilated Muslim populations of Germany, France, Holland, Italy, and Britain were undoubtedly what His Holiness was discussing, and in his (correct) view they represent "the slow suicide of Europe," or at least the Christian Europe for which he should be the prime spokesman. It was Arnold Toynbee who wrote in his multicivilizational work The Study of History that "Civilizations die from suicide, not murder." Now we know that the pope agrees with him, but only in private, not in public, just in case the reaction is too unpleasant.
Intelligence agencies have a term which they use when they have been caught doing something they shouldn't have, and when complete denial is no longer feasible: limited hang-out. In a limited hang-out, the guilty party will make a partial - very partial - admission of guilt. They will admit the very minimum they can get away with and put it all down to a misunderstanding or miscommunication, a mistake made by low-level operatives without executive approval or perhaps a misjudgement made with the best of intentions.

Labour have clearly decided to conduct a limited hang-out on immigration. Complete denial is no longer feasible. The Neather conspiracy is well-known, despite the best efforts of the left-wing establishment to cover it up or belittle it. Hence the limited hang-out strategy. Its outline is clear: acknowledge we made mistakes on immigration without admitting that we consciously deceived people about it; focus on immigration from Eastern Europe as the source of the problem; and, even then, just say that 'transitional controls' were needed.
Mr Miliband conceded: ‘We got it wrong in a number of respects including underestimating the level of immigration from Poland, which had a big effect on people in Britain.

...Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper admitted: ‘We did get things wrong on immigration.
‘We should have had transitional controls on migration from Eastern Europe.’
Source: Daily Mail

Of course if we really need to talk about immigration at all, it's best to talk only about Christian Europeans coming here to work, isn't it? As if they were the source of the problem.

The FPO (Freedom Party of Austria) politician Gerhard Kurzmann is to appear in front of a court on October 14, charged with incitement. He faces up to 2 years in prison. The charges relate to his role in creating the Moschee Baba [Bye Bye Mosque] flash game, shown above.

In the game players try to stop mosques and minarets taking over the landscape of an Austrian city. Defeat is inevitable, unless, as the text at the end says, you vote FPO.

The Swiss advertising specialist, Alexander Segert, who was also involved in creating the game, and who has been responsible for many of the Swiss People's Party's famous posters, is also under indictment.

As the German-language Counterjihad blog Kybeline says:
If you drew up a chart of dhimmi justice in west European countries, Austria would probably be right at the top. You need to wonder whether the judges and prosecutors have to secretly swear allegiance to Islam before getting their licences. You only need to think of the trials of Susanne Winter and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. And now Kurzmann.
Source: Kybeline
Sunday, 25 September 2011

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has admirers in the Arab World. This is borne out by responses on Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Arabic Facebook site. The issue is whether Mr Wilders’ recent rudeness in the Dutch parliament is acceptable.

“I’m a fan of Wilders”. And, “Wilders has backed a winning horse, while others refuse to accept reality”. These are a few responses from the Arab World.

Don’t be insulting
There are of course other views coming from the Middle East: “If everyone throughout the world behaves like this, what will happen then?” asks a worried Bakani Mustafa from Casablanca in Morocco. “Of course it is not acceptable to insult anyone. I do hope Wilders will change his way of expressing himself. A politician can not be rude!!” writes Leila Natour-Ayoub from Lebanon.

Wake up
Mr Wilders courted controversy in parliament over the last few days by, among other things, calling opposition leader Job Cohen the lapdog of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He described a lengthy question from another politician as “diarrhoea”. We asked visitors to RNW’s Facebook sites in different languages whether members of parliament should be allowed to use the language of the street – and of many voters?

“Yes,” writes Braam Rossouw from South Africa, “if a few shocking words are necessary to wake up the rest.” Victoria Larkin from the US has no doubts: “Sometimes you gotta call a dog a dog!”.

Clair Wilson reminds us that “calling a spade a spade” is a strong point of the Dutch. But, she does add that “being coarse does not show inner refinement”.

Within the Netherlands
The responses on RNW’s Indonesian Facebook page display a certain sensitivity. “Hurting the feelings of others, including those of your enemy, is crossing the border of decency”. And: “Don’t talk about morality if you yourself are not unsullied.”

A Spanish-language visitor points out that the commotion about Mr Wilders’ remarks is confined to within the Netherlands. He says these sorts of outbursts are evidently hushed up by the international media when they come from “extreme right-wing, racist and xenophobic figures like Mr Wilders”. It’s a different story when left-wing leaders like Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and his Ecuadorian counterpart Rafael Correa indulge in excesses: these are reported widely by the international press.
You have to laugh at the two new reports that have just been issued by 'think tanks' on how to tackle the EDL.

The first recommends 'doorstep "hearts and minds" campaigns that tackle anti-Muslim sentiments at local level'. Just imagine it: a small team of do-gooders knocks on your door and 'fortifies' your flagging sense of moral probity with such pearls of wisdom as: Did you know Islam is a religion of peace? That Breivik was in contact with the EDL? That Jihad is just an internal spiritual quest? That Aisha was really 18? Oh, and did I mention Breivik was in contact with the EDL?

The second report argues that:
the government's Prevent strategy should no longer be seen as offering alternatives to those who might be tempted into terrorism by al-Qaida and like-minded groups, but that the strategy should also tackle rightwing extremism.

In other words, a programme originally put in place to confront jihadist radicalism should now be turned around 180 degrees to target those who oppose jihadist radicalism. Ha!Ha!

The plebs should also be told that they just have to put up with immigration, like it or not:
Politicians also needed to be more honest. "Existing responses … typically focus on plans to reduce the number of immigrants, or curtail overall levels of immigration. Yet at the same time, international treaties have greatly reduced the capacity of governments to deliver demonstrable outcomes in this policy area."

And we need to explain to the common folk how third-world cultures are so cool and vibrant:
Mainstream parties needed to challenge more forcefully claims of national cultures being under attack; that meant going beyond the economic case for immigration and arguing for cultural diversity.

Source: Guardian

The Austrian newspaper Kurier published a long interview with Thilo Sarrazin yesterday. I've translated some extracts from it below.

For background, Thilo Sarrazin was a member of the executive board of Germany's central bank, and a former regional senator of the SPD, the country's main left-wing political party. Last year he published a book that told some blunt truths about the effect mass immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, was having on Germany. The book became a public sensation even before it was published. The media and political establishment denounced him in the most withering terms. He lost his job at the bank but his book sold more copies than any other book in Germany in the post-war era.
KURIER: Mr Sarrazin, how many copies of your book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" [Germany is Unmaking Itself] have been sold?

Thilo Sarrazin: I’ve sold 1.3 million copies. 800,000 the previous September, another 400,000 by Christmas, since then another 100,000. The book is developing gradually from a best-seller into a long-seller.

KURIER: As a former Berlin finance senator, what do you think of the calls for an asset tax to get the debt crisis under control?

Thilo Sarrazin: The connection between asset tax and debt crisis is a bit silly. Like Austria, Germany has a relatively low level of new debt and a high tax rate. 40% of Germans pay no income tax at all, and the upper 10% yield more than 50% of revenue. That's already quite a lot of redistribution. In the ageing European states with their demographic time bombs and immigration problems, which tie up vast resources, soaking the rich inconsiderately will simply lead to them emigrating with their assets. And what then?

KURIER: What does immigration have to do with it?

Thilo Sarrazin: In Berlin currently there is major immigration of Roma and Bulgarian Turks. In 2014 they will have permanent residence rights and a claim on the German benefits system. It's not going to work: financing the growing burdens of demographic ageing plus more uncontrolled immigration on the German welfare state by soaking the so-called rich. Even an SPD government [Labour party equivalent] wouldn't do that if it was being responsible.

KURIER: You said recently that you had accomplished more with your book than you had as a politician or Bundesbank executive. What did you mean by that?

Thilo Sarrazin: I opened up a public debate about questions relating to the future of our state that previously was being conducted too indirectly or not at all – or by the wrong people.

KURIER: The debate has mainly revolved around you.

Thilo Sarrazin: People get hung up about one person. …Today the debate about integration in Germany is more open than it was one and a half years ago. Alongside that, my treatment by parts of the media and political establishment has also triggered a debate about freedom of opinion in Germany.

KURIER: About the book many people say: on the facts he is right, but you can’t say it like that ...

Thilo Sarrazin: Wording like that refutes itself. If you are wrong on the facts, you should keep your mouth shut. If you are right, then you must say it. Otherwise there is a problem with the debate culture.

KURIER: "I don't want the land of my grandchildren to be, in large parts, Islamic, ... the women wearing the veil and daily life being defined by the rhythms of the muezzin" - is it necessary to exaggerate so much to be heard?

Thilo Sarrazin: It's no exaggeration. That is the social reality in specific parts of Berlin. And it's materialising at high speed.

KURIER: Because of demographics?

Thilo Sarrazin: And continued immigration. You need to take a look at specific districts and see how things have changed there in the last 40 years. Güner Balci, an editor of Turkish origin, said recently in the FAZ am Sonntag [newspaper]: "20 years ago there was a colourful mixed society, then ever more people moved out. It became more aggressive. Violence increased on the streets. Ever more women and girls wore the veil. Another worldview established itself." This negative development is spreading further.

KURIER: And you want to stop it. How?

Thilo Sarrazin: First: First change the benefits system - immigrants get no benefits for at least 10 years. Second: change the rights of residence law - the only people who get rights of residence are those able and willing to make a qualified contribution to Germany over the long-term. Third: social and family benefits in Germany should be made dependent on adequate knowledge of the language and efforts at integration. Fourth: we need to say to the Muslim immigrants who are already here: you become German some time, even if you stick with Turkish cooking and keep going to the mosque. And if you don't want to do that, it's best you go back home. Opinion polls show that more than 60% of Turks in Germany cannot speak German at all or cannot speak it well; and a third would leave Germany immediately if there were no German benefits.

KURIER: You complain about the demographic superiority of Muslim immigrants and the low birthrate of Germans. At the same time you say that only women with the environment and the “personal characteristics to cope with raising children” should have children. Is that not a contradiction?

Thilo Sarrazin: You’re not quoting me correctly. Anyone who wants to can have children. But the costs of it shouldn’t be financed by the state. Regardless of immigration we have the problem that the well-educated classes in Germany are having fewer children than average. This comes about through the framework of the modern social welfare state: for people on low income and even more for immigrants with low levels of education, because of family burden-sharing every child brings in more household income than it costs. That means the child becomes an instrument for generating higher income, while for well-educated women with good prospects in the workplace, it means giving up affluence. For that reason social policy has to be set in such a way that there are no materialistic reasons to have children.

KURIER: In your book – very controversially – you connect this with the distribution of intelligence: “If the less intelligent have more children, the average intelligence of the population falls”. But that means: poor = stupid, and they may not have children?

Thilo Sarrazin: Again: Anyone can have children who wants to, but they should pay for their upkeep themselves. The state should make its contribution through the education system. On intelligence I apply a rule of three. First: the differences in intelligence between people are 50% to 80% genetic, according to science. Second: well-educated people have significantly fewer children, according to the Federal Statistics Office. Intelligence and education are, as of course you would expect, postively correlated. From that follows the third point: if the trend of the less intelligent having more children continues, the average genotypical intelligence falls, thus the genetic proportion of intelligence in the population.

KURIER: And Muslims are more stupid than other immigrants?

Thilo Sarrazin: It doesn’t say that anywhere in my book, and I have also never said that. In my book I trace the lower educational performance of Muslim immigrants on average to their cultural background, one that has been shaped by Islam. The attitude to education and knowledge, characteristics such as diligence and precision and sense of duty are passed on culturally. To a large extent, we take on the values and attitudes of the culture and the class we grow up in. That is the reason why there is no rational solution to the underclass problem in England, why the South Italians are different from the Milanese. And it’s just the same with the Muslim immigrants we get: they bring their culture with them and their performance in school is comparable to what exists in their countries of origin. Their poor performance does not prove to be especially disadvantageous among us. The latest PISA study shows that 15-year-old schoolchildren in Turkey or in Arab countries are two to three years behind the average school performance in Europe, that the share of the lowest performers is significantly higher and the share of top performers significantly lower. With immigrants from East Asia to the USA, Canada and Australia or Europe, on the other hand, it is the reverse. On average they have a significantly better educational performance than the locals.

KURIER: And you’re zeroing in on Muslim immigrants with that?

Thilo Sarrazin: I establish empirically undisputed facts using neutral language. Science and the acquisition of knowledge is not at the forefront of Muslim culture. It is also very interesting that of around 840 Nobel prize winners, to this date 25 per cent of them have been Jewish academics. There have been 8 prize winners from Islamic countries, four of those peace prize winners.

KURIER: Why do you always generalise it so much, actually?

Thilo Sarrazin: The numbers are specific. Look at the successor states of the former British colony India: the Hindu Indians are at the centre of the global software industry and are making their way in the modern world; while Muslim Pakistan, which had exactly the same cultural and civilisational status before the division of the colony, has fallen way behind. It’s exactly the same with Indian and Pakistani schoolchildren in England today: the children with a Hindu culture are better than British schoolchildren on average, while Pakistanis are worse. The Indians are successful in the employment market; the Pakistanis, by contrast, remain at the lowest layer of society.

KURIER: On integration again, the consensus is that integration is an obligation of the host society as well as those coming into it …

Thilo Sarrazin: In a European constitutional state, which offers equal chances to everyone, integration is first of all an obligation on those who come here. Differences in the successful integration of various immigrant groups can be traced to the immigrant groups themselves, not to the host society. That is the proposition that many people are not happy about because we have a mentality that everything that’s wrong in the world, we must be responsible for.

KURIER: Business is constantly expressing an interest in immigration because of the lack of specialist workers, for example.

Thilo Sarrazin: I’m dying laughing. There is a lack of specialist workers, but 40% of Turks in Germany have no professional training. Thanks to the influx in the 60s and 70s, we to a large extent created the problems we now have with the lack of specialist workers. We have dispensed with producing our own children and allowed in Muslim immigrants with lower educational aptitude. Germans who were not born naturally cannot become specialists or engineers.

KURIER: Has your book actually changed you?

Thilo Sarrazin: I’ve become tougher, but also more relaxed. When you have the feeling that a moralistic campaign of annihiIation is being waged against you, and you survive, you have a different perspective on many things.
NHS maternity units are refusing to tell expectant parents the gender of their unborn baby, an investigation has found.

But some medical groups believe the NHS policies are being driven by fears that females could be selectively aborted among cultures which value boys more highly.

The Council of Europe is due to consider a draft resolution in October which recommends that all its 47 member states - including Britain - instruct hospitals to "withold information about the sex of the foetus" from parents.

The move is a bid to prevent the practice of selective abortion, which they say has reached worrying proportions in some former Soviet states.

...Now, a survey of maternity units in England discloses that several are already refusing to share the information.

...The hospital trusts running the units said parents would only be told the sex of the foetus if there were special medical reasons, such as the chance of a child inheriting a condition which is gender specific.

Couples who simply want to know which colour to paint the nursery - or to tell existing children whether they will be having a baby brother or sister, are told that they can only find out by going private.

All the trusts insisted their policies were drawn up because of tight resources, not concerns about selective abortion.

...Dr Shahab Qureshi, from the Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association, said he was "absolutely certain" that fears about selective abortion were one of the reasons hospitals refused to tell parents the sex of their unborn child.

He said: "This is a major problem and hospitals need to be very careful. Is it ethically right to tell a parent the sex of their unborn child, if you think doing so is going to pose a risk to that baby?"

Dr Qureshi said that among many communities in this country, including those from China, Africa, India and Eastern Europe, a higher status was attached to boys than girls, but said it was very difficult for medical professionals to determine if there was a risk of selective abortion, when very few of those seeking terminations would ever admit such a reason.

Abortions for non-medical reasons are legal until 24 weeks.
Source: Daily Telegraph
Saturday, 24 September 2011

Geert Wilders’ website has been hacked. A photograph of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was placed on the site by a hacker calling himself ‘Septemb0x’ and describing himself as a ‘Turkish Muslim hacker’.

The Freedom Party leader announced himself that the site had been hacked, but it’s not known what action he has taken, if any.

On Thursday Mr Wilders ended up in a shouting match with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte over the phrase de aap komt uit de mouw which literally means ‘the monkey comes out of the sleeve’ and is the Dutch equivalent of ‘the cat is out of the bag’.

The prime minister objected to Wilders' remark that “the Islamic monkey is coming out of the sleeve and his name is Erdogan” and told him to “act normally”.

The hacker referred back to the ‘monkey’ comment with the message: “You may have Apes. We came from the soil!”
Source: Radio Netherlands

In fact it was not Wilders who called Erdogan an "islamic monkey" but Raymond de Roon, another MP within the PVV party; even then, the reference was ambiguous and indirect.
The remark was made in the context of the Dutch saying daar komt de aap uit de mouw (here comes the monkey out of the sleeve) which means to reveal your true colours or intentions.

'Once again the Islamic monkey has shown himself,' De Roon said during parliamentary questions. 'This time he is in Ankara and his name is Erdogan.' De Roon was refering to what he called Turkey's anti-Israel rhetoric.
Source: Dutch News


You can see a video (with subtitles) of the 'Islamic monkey' discussion in the Dutch parliament here.

The wife of Bayern Munich player Bilal Yusuf Mohammed, more commonly known as Frank Ribéry, had a son on 16 September. In an interview with a German newspaper, he revealed that the boy is to be called Saif al-Islam, which means 'Sword of Islam'. One of Colonel Gaddafi's sons bears the same name.

A French citizen, in 2006 Ribéry "converted to Islam to marry his French Algerian wife Wahiba" and adopted the new name Bilal Yusuf Mohammed. Like his 'prophet' before him, Ribéry seems to have 'issues' related to a sexual attraction to underage girls.

Source: PI
I already linked to the Telegraph and Argus story about Muslim pupils at the Catholic St. Bede's school in Bradford attacking the Catholic pupils as they were going home on a bus. Apparently, the trouble was provoked by a discussion of religion in class. This information was left out of the web version of the news report but included in the print version. As is now common practice for newspapers with stories about Mohammedan-caused problems, the comment facility on the website was turned off. The site does have its own forum, however, where some interesting comments were made in one of the threads.
As a former Bede’s boy I saw the start of the change, a few Muslim lads joined the school, whereas other non-Catholics such as myself had to abide and take part in all the school activities, the Muslim lads soon made sure they didn’t have to attend assemblies and that the canteen meat had to be Halal, I suspect as the Muslim population has grown at Bede’s that further demands and segregation have taken place.

The attacks on the buses carrying mainly catholics were perpetrated by the muslims from the school once the older brothers, cousins etc etc had come down to support them.

If they are ever caught, I wonder how many will be charged with "hate crime"?

Not many I'm guessing!

The article in the print version was a great deal longer and more detailed and it makes it explicit who the faith groups involved were. Apparently "unrest was sparked by a Year 11 class discussion over religion". According to one parent (as reported to the T and A):
"[She] said Asian pupils had made comments about the Catholic faith and that Catholic pupils responded".
There were other troubling details to the story also that I could have added suffice to say the overall tone depicts a potentially explosive situation.

this bricking of school buses by pakistanis is nothing new, my daughter went to St Josephs and the tough little blighters used to brick their buses full of schoolgirls and this is 7 or 8 years ago.

A friend and I were driving along Manningham lane, just past the park, a month or so ago, it was a sunny day, traffic was a nightmare as usual, so we had our windows rolled right down. All of a sudden a bottle of water was hurled through the window at my friend, the driver. It came from the upstairs window of a passing bus, the culprits cheering, gesticulating members of 'the community' !

[The banner reads "The Caliphate is the Solution"]

A demonstration was held in Vienna yesterday in front of the Syrian embassy. Organised by the youth wing of Hizb ut-Tahrir (banned in Germany but not Austria), its aim was to show support for the Arab revolutions.

The Syrian activist, Hisham El-Baba, and Hizb ut-Tahrir's media spokesman in German-speaking countries, Shaker Assem, gave speeches in which they hailed the Arab revolutions as harbingers of a restored caliphate. They claimed that the Sykes-Picot agreement after the First World War had artifically divided up the Arab world and that the recent revolutions would ultimately lead to its unity being restored.

Source: SOS Heimat

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