Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This negro, who is originally from Senegal but now lives in Germany, has demanded that German law be revised so that Thilo Sarrazin, and others like him, can be prosecuted. With the book he published last year, "Germany is Unmaking Itself", Sarrazin smashed the conspiracy of silence among the German elites about the effects Mohammedan immigration is having on their country. An attempt was made to prosecute Sarrazin but it fizzled out. The negro, Karamba Diaby, who is a Socialist politician and Chairman of German's Integration Council, calls this "completely unacceptable" and has submitted a petition to the German parliament demanding changes in the law.



Anonymous said...

Thilo Sarrazin was an excellent observer and commentator on contemporary Germany. He was quite right in what he said about mass foreign immigration into Germany and the demands by foreigners and alien elements in German society.

aweakmale said...

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