Friday, 1 April 2011

It is now clear what the Italian response to the problem of North African savages immigrating en masse is going to be: let them loose throughout Europe. In fact, the betrayal was already outlined more than a month ago by a Lega Nord Minister in Berlusconi's government:

Umberto Bossi, a minister in the government of Silvio Berlusconi and the leader of the Northern League party, threatened to dump the problem on other European countries.
"If they arrive we'll send them to France and Germany," he said.

It's now clear that is exactly what they're doing. Two days ago Berlusconi visited the island and told the local inhabitants that by the weekend all the immigrants would be gone. Giant ferry ships are arriving to remove them. But what happens then? They're taken to detention camps on the mainland where the actual detention facilities are minimal to non-existent. The intent is clear: keep them in these camps and make it very easy for them to escape, because when they do escape, they will almost entirely leave Italy. Most of the savages are French-speakers, often with relatives in France. Talking to journalists, they don't even bother trying to hide the fact that they are economic migrants and intend to go to northern Europe to find work:

"England, France, Belgium, Switzerland – I don't care where I go as long as I can find work and earn money. I need to help my family because they don't have enough to eat," said Saber Khadraoui, 29, from Tunisia, as he bit into a bread roll. "I'll do anything – I've worked as a painter, a plumber and a gardener."


Becem, 22, a farmer, who like all the migrants paid around 1,000 euros to people smugglers to bring him from the Tunisian coast to Lampedusa. "We have no money and no cigarettes. We just want to get to France to find work."

One savage claims he just wants to help feed his family, yet he has paid 1000 euros for the boat trip! I don't know what the price of food is like in Tunisia but I'd wager you could feed an entire Tunisian family for a year (or perhaps several) with 1000 euros.

Shamefully, Berlusconi is deliberately facilitating the dispersal of these savages to other European countries. Many are already now congregating in Ventimiglia, in the north-west of Italy, close to the French border. They sleep in the railway station or public gardens, waiting for the chance to cross into France. But this problem is going to get worse. Berlusconi has announced that he is going to build new "reception centres" close to the borders of other countries for those who "have expressed a wish to rejoin their parents and friends in countries like France and Germany, for example".

He is now talking about introducing "a residence permit which would allow them to circulate freely in Europe".

"These would be temporary permits for those seeking family reunions and it would overcome the obstacles imposed on freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone by certain countries like France," said the Minister of the Interior, Roberto Maroni. The Minister of the Interior, a member of the anti-immigration Northern League, underlined that "this will also be an instrument of pressure faced with the total refusal of cooperation" on the part of other European countries.


Anonymous said...

Well thats funny, I am in Italy and we got 1,000 of them mostly young men. anyway I havent really had much problems just more annoyance.

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