Thursday, 31 March 2011
This story is almost surreal. 19 "Muslim and Asian" youths with a track record of violence - some of them on bail for a hammer attack - are rewarded with a trip to the seaside to "distract" them from an EDL march due to be held in Dudley that day.

While there, they engaged in "racist chanting" and attacked a British man for no reason, rendering him unconscious. When the case came to court, they even got a judge with a Muslim-sounding name: Judge Amjad Nawaz. Fortunately, he sent them to jail. The trip to the seaside cost more than £2000, not counting the costs of incarceration and processing the Muslim thugs through the criminal justice system.

Chf Supt Mark Robinson, from Sandwell Police, said: ''A decision was taken by Safer Sandwell Partnership to take a number of youths away from the area, who had been identified as having the potential to get involved in any disorder that could occur as a result of the demonstrations.
"Whilst we feel that the decision to try and prevent any potential violence among local youths was the right one, clearly the events that followed were hugely disappointing."

WTF is going on in this country? At a time when there are massive cuts in public expenditure, and mass redundancies in the public and private sectors, councils are wasting taxpayer money giving Muslim criminals free trips to the seaside so they can be "distracted" from committing crimes when British citizens are holding a lawful demonstrations to articulate their point of view on an issue of public importance? How insane is this?


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