Monday, 21 March 2011
One of the features of dhimmitude is that non-Muslims have to pay a tax from which Muslims are exempt. This condition has now been recreated in Britain. Muslims, it seems, are exempt from paying stamp duty which the rest of us have to pay when we buy a house. Because Muslims claim the sharia does not allow them to pay interest, they have been granted permission to purchase houses in a special way using sharia-compliant mortgages. These involve re-selling the house straightaway then re-leasing it. Because stamp duty does not have to be paid if a house is immediately resold, Muslims are effectively exempt from paying this tax, which thus translates into a kind of jizya payment for the dhimmis.

Many non-Muslims are now claiming to be Muslims so that they can take advantage of this scam. This, too, replicates the conditions of dhimmitude. These conditions were designed to be so disadvantageous to the non-Muslim population that they would produce a constant flow of conversions to Islam by dhimmis who wished to escape the restrictions of dhimmitude, such as having to pay the jizya. This indeed is what happened.

Unsurprisingly, the law which permits this outrageous scam was introduced by the Labour party.


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