Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A non-British man, undoubtedly a Muslim, has just been arrested in Glasgow. He is believed to have had some connection to the suicide bombing that took place in Stockholm last year.

Listen to the idiot Chief Superintendent in this interview. It is striking evidence of just how much politically correct indoctrination the police have been subject to throughout
Britain in recent years.

"The most important thing here is the community reassurance, and getting information out to our communities, that this is not focused on any one community. This is an individual. Terrorism is a criminal act and that is how we will be dealing with this."

When he talks of "communities" and "community", he obviously means Muslims. So here is a law enforcement officer who has (most likely) caught a Muslim terrorist scheming to blow up non-Muslims, and he thinks that "the most important thing" [Note not an important thing or one of the important things but the MOST important thing] is to reassure Muslims in case their feelings are hurt because they have been caught plotting to murder infidels again.


The Herald this morning quotes the same policeman making separate but similar remarks:

“We are working together with our community advisers, our community leaders to make sure that Scotland is a safe place.

“If there any repercussions, if there are any raised tensions, if there’s any focus on one community we will be taking a robust stance on that.”

If there's any focus on one community, we will be taking a robust stance on that? What does he mean? If anyone comes out and says maybe Scotland would be better off without any Muslims in it, they will be prosecuted? This man is a disgrace.

We see this pattern every time the Muslims commit a new atrocity or a caught preparing for one: the establishment immediately switches the discourse to one of sympathy for the Muslims rather than their victims, conjuring up the chimerical possibility of revenge attacks on the Muslims which, of course, actually never materialises.


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