Monday, 28 March 2011
For some reason, I can never quite get over the Guardian's surrender of all the liberal values it once cherished to raise instead the black banner of jihad against the western world. Year after year, as Turkish democracy has been strangled bit by bit by the ascendant AKP jihadists, the Guardian has run a never-ending succession of puff pieces about it that might as well have been written by the Turkish foreign ministry. Of course the Guardian desperately wants Turkey to get into the European Union because it knows that, if it does, Europe will inevitably be transformed into Eurabia; all uncertainty about the outcome will be removed at that point.

But you would think they might at least still have some principles as they trot off down the road with their new jihadist friends. It seems not. Recently Turkey has been stepping up its censorship activities to a quite shocking degree. I discuss this in more detail on my StopTurkey site here, but, in summary, the Turkish government mounted raids on Friday to confiscate and destroy all copies of a book that hasn't been published yet. The book alleges that the Fethullah Gulen organisation, a bizarre non-violent jihadist network that advocates taking control of government through the infiltration of state institutions, has thoroughly penetrated the Turkish police.

Today, instead of covering this, the Guardian runs an opinion piece saying that anyone who talks about censorship in Turkey is part of a big anti-Turkish Zionist conspiracy.

Colleagues working on the same newspaper as the author of the article were arrested in the raids last week. Yet he doesn't even mention it! Read the comments from Turkish people complaining about how free speech is being strangled in their country and their poignant disbelief that such falsehoods are being published in what used to be an internationally-respected newspaper, almost as if their government's censorship powers now extended to Britain too.


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