Tuesday, 15 March 2011
Does Cardinal Keith O'Brien read this blog? Probably not, but some of the remarks he made today at the launch event for a report highlighting the persecution of Christians around the world could have come straight from this blog post which I made last week.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has warned the UK Government against pursuing an ‘anti-Christian’ foreign policy ahead of the release in Scotland this morning of a report that 75 per cent of religious persecution in the world is against Christians

The cardinal’s comments come after the Coalition government recently announced plans to double overseas aid to Pakistan to more than £445 million, without requiring any commitment to religious freedom for Christians in that country.


Citing a number of attacks on Christians, Cardinal O’Brien said he believes that conditions should be attached to any aid payments, requiring a definite commitment to protection for Christians and other religious minorities—including Shia Muslims.

Speaking at the Glasgow launch of the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need’s (ACN) report on Christian persecution, the cardinal is expected to further urge Foreign Secretary William Hague to ‘obtain guarantees from foreign governments before they are given aid.’

“To increase aid to the Pakistan government when religious freedom is not upheld and those who speak up for religious freedom are gunned down is tantamount to an anti-Christian foreign policy,” the cardinal added.

“Pressure should now be put on the Government of Pakistan—and the governments of the Arab world as well—to ensure that religious freedom is upheld, the provision of aid must require a commitment to human rights.”

What's really remarkable is that remarks like this are so rare. You would think senior Christian churchmen would be saying things like this all the time. But the spirit of dhimmitude has seeped deeply into their souls. The Archtraitor of Canterbury is too busy appeasing Muslims and calling for Sharia to bother defending his fellow Christians.


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