Saturday, 19 March 2011

A survey of public opinion covering "diversity" issues was recently conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in eight European countries. The researchers themselves were clearly brainwashed multicultists and were alarmed by the findings but normal people will be heartened by them.

In the words of the Executive Summary:

Group-focused enmity is widely disseminated in Europe. It not a phenomenon of
the political margins but an issue at the centre of society. Europeans are conspicuously
united in their rejection of immigrants and Muslims. About half of all European
respondents said that there were too many immigrants in their country and that jobs should
be given to non-immigrants first in times of crisis. About half condemned Islam as a religion of intolerance.

Despite the constant indoctrination they are subject to, a majority of Europeans have correctly divined that "Islam is a religion of tolerance." Note the proportion who thought that "the majority of Muslims find terrorism justifiable" was quite low, too low in fact, I would say. This, however, refutes the oft-heard claim of the Utopians that people have negative attitudes towards Islam because of terrorism.

It's also worth noting that anti-Islam sentiments did not correlate with antipathy to Jews or homosexuals, another favourite lie of the multicult crowd including the Jews for Hitler mob who constantly step up to defend Muslim intolerance and criticise the Counterjihad.

The political rhetoric that accompanies this study is truly something to behold. It is a perfect example of the zombified intellectual dishonesty that the Utopian ideologues engage in. The study as a whole was billed as an "analysis of anti-democratic mentalities".

A diverse, tolerant and multicultural Europe committed to human rights is not only essential for the protection of minorities. These features represent the very foundation of social cohesion and robust democracy. Intolerance, prejudice and discrimination are dangers to the cohesion of plural societies and thus to democracy itself.

Note that the health of a democracy is judged by its willingness to accommodate the demands of minorities.

They indicate the extent to which the majority is willing to accept and include social, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities and supposed “others” as equal members of society – or exclude them. Intolerance, prejudice, anti-democratic attitudes and the willingness to discriminate against others are sensitive indicators of social cohesion.

What a bizarre inversion of the true meaning of democracy! Rather than a system of government that acts to fulfil the demands of the majority of the people, democracy
instead exists to fulfil the demands of minorities and can be judged as healthy only to the extent that the majority acts in a self-abnegating way and meekly submits to the demands of obstreperous minorities!

At the end of the report the authors urge "committed action" to "strengthen democracy".

It is crucial to promote attitudes and establish structures that support equality, which means accepting cultural difference and embracing multiculturalism, rejecting authoritarian attitude and behaviour patterns and encouraging horizontal (as opposed to vertical) social structures.

"Strengthen democracy" apparently doesn't mean giving the people what they want. It means running propaganda campaigns to indoctrinate them into correct multicult thinking. The sentiments of ordinary people are described as "authoritarian" but not the views of the people writing this report who urge mass brainwashing programmes to re-educate the plebs.

Another part of the study noted that:

In all the countries a majority of respondents feel they are ignored by politicians. Political attitudes and the feeling of political powerlessness are crucial for the extent of prejudice.

Now where did they get the crazy idea that they were being ignored?

It really is breathtaking that these multicultists can acknowledge that the majority of people reject the tenets of their ideology and yet still manage to convince themselves that they are "strengthening democracy" by imposing their bizarre alien views on people who reject them.


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