Saturday, 2 October 2010
Something truly extraordinary happened in Britain this week. In an interview with the New Statesman, the chairman of the Conservative party, which is currently the party of government in Britain (although it is in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats) claimed that "Asian" vote fraud had cheated her party out of a majority at the last election.

Of course, in this context, as in so many others where criminality or wrong-doing is involved, "Asian" is a racist euphemism that the British media and political elite like to use for "Muslim". (Incidentally, isn't it remarkable that Muslims now have such a protected status that even organisations like the BBC are willing to stoop to outright racism, needlessly insulting innocent, law-abiding Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese, etc. just to safeguard their precious Muslims.)

The allegations were all the more extraordinary for the fact that the person making them, Baroness Warsi, is herself an "Asian" Muslim. Even more remarkable than the allegations, however, was the reaction to them; or rather the lack thereof.

Most news organisations didn't bother reporting the story. The Guardian and the BBC did report it, as did the Mail; as far as I could see no other major newspaper reported the story. The Times did not; the Independent did not; neither did the Telegraph, although it was mentioned by Benedict Brogan in one of his blog posts. Brogan predicted that the story was going to be "huge"; but he clearly underestimated the grip of political correctness on the British media.

Bizarrely, as well as admitting that Muslims had successfully subverted the electoral system in Britain, Warsi complained that the British media were unreasonably prejudiced against them. Islamophobia was rife in the British press, she claimed, in a way that was reminiscent of the prejudice against Jews early in the 20th century. How, then, does she account for the failure of the British media to report her extraordinary claim about Muslim vote fraud costing the Conservatives the election? Surely, if the British press had been so madly Islamophobic, it would have leapt on this story like rabid dog? But no. Silence reigned.

So there you have it: the outcome of a British general election is determined by Muslim vote fraud; a leading figure in the largest political party says this openly; and the media doesn't even bother reporting the fact that the allegation has been made, never mind looking into whether it might be true.
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