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Sunday, 4 November 2012
Alexandre Marcel, vice-president of the Comité Idaho, an NGO that organises the international day against homophobia and transphobia, confirmed that he had filed a complaint against X on Saturday, following an attack on Friday night while he was in "Cud", a gay club in the Marais district of Paris.

"At 2:30 in the morning I came out of a bar to smoke a cigarette with my companion when five guys arrived and started hitting the bouncers. They said: "On the Koran, we're going to kill you, bunch of peds!", he recalls. "I wanted to go back into the club. One of the bouncers, who was bleeding badly, told me to call the police," he goes on. "One of the attackers saw me calling, and sprayed me with tear-gas on the face," he added.

In total, three bouncers received blows, and himself, his companion and some clients of the bar were sprayed with tear gas, explains Alexander Marcel. "My eyes and skin don't burn as much, but I am coughing and spitting a lot more," he recalls, 16 houts after the facts. "The worst thing is that the bouncers told me that they weren't going to file a complaint because they wouldn't be found anyway," he says with regret.
Friday, 20 January 2012

In France a prominent left-wing gay activist has written a pamphlet denouncing what he claims is the gay community's drift to the "far right".
"...through rejection of Islam, it has let itself be picked up by the far right. Didier Lestrade denounces a recent European danger: a far right that is xenophobic and pro-gay. This ideological novelty is extremely successful in Holland, Belgium and Austria. To improve her image, Marine Le Pen is applying the "pinkwashing" recipe in France. Succesfully, in Lestrade's view.

Didier Lestrade declares: the communuty of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered (LGBT) has moved to the right. "For several years now", he says...The "cautious" gay press - Têtu - is desperate to cover it up so as not to tarnish the image of homosexuals.

"They are racists and are no longer afraid to say it (...) these aren't fascists, they are gays who've drifted right", he writes.

Lestrade is convinced we are witnessing the rise of homonationalism: "We talk about gays, but I don't dare to think about the number of lesbians who are going to vote for Marine Le Pen...".
Source: Les Inrocks

Thursday, 6 October 2011
The dream is slowly dissolving. The Netherlands was once the promised land for homosexuals. In 2001, this resulted in the first legal same-sex marriages in the world. Now more and more couples are being persecuted by their neighbours.

Robin and Sam (not their real names) no longer dare to walk hand in hand in Amsterdam. They have decided to move to the Veluwe region in the east of the Netherlands.

The Dutch police’s National Diversity Expertise Centre has recorded reports of discrimination and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people since 2008. The number of reports increased by 54 percent in 2010 compared with 2009. The increase from 2008 to 2009 was 13 percent.

The Amsterdam police primarily put the increase down to a greater willingness to file a report. This is contradicted by a survey among homosexuals in which many victims said they do not often go to the police.

The Netherlands still remains one of the most tolerant countries. Recent studies by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research showed that 9 out of 10 Dutch people accept homosexuality. Ethnic minorities are less accepting, particularly Turkish Dutch (30 percent) and Moroccan Dutch (25 percent).

In 86 percent of cases, homophobic attacks were committed by native Dutch people. In 2008, the percentage of attacks by people from ethnic minorities was 14 percent. The number of attackers of Moroccan origin was markedly higher in Amsterdam – 36 percent.

I'm the man

The first time they were confronted with aggressive behaviour was seven years ago. They hadn't been together very long and, like many couples in love, they were walking hand in hand.

A Moroccan came up to us and said: which one of you is the man? Because I hate all that ‘butch, femme’ stuff, Sam said: I’m the man. We both had to laugh, but the man took a swing at me. Luckily he missed my face, but his fist hit my shoulder. It was incredibly painful.”

We'll knife you

They never reported the incident to the police. Robin says they couldn’t describe the man. “What do you say then? Someone hit me?” When the aggression got worse they didn’t know how to deal with it.

In the supermarket I always used to go to – I avoid it these days – they started playing a kind of game with me. There were two boys, I’m sorry to say they were Moroccan too, Dutch of Moroccan origin. They blocked my way and started hassling me. I didn’t realise at first it was about my being a lesbian. As I walked away they called after me: next time we’ll knife you, you filthy dyke.”

On the lookout

Robin regularly finds pictures of women having sex with men in her letter box. It makes her feel sick every time to realise they know where she lives. However, she has no clear idea who ‘they’ are. The persecution has achieved its aim. Robin and Sam no longer feel free to express their sexuality openly in their own neighbourhood.

“We don’t walk hand in hand any more. Always keeps some distance between us. You go first and I’ll follow. When we walk through Amsterdam we’re constantly on the lookout. If we spot a group of youths hanging around, we go ‘oops’ and take a different street. We’re really afraid.”

Born and bred

Robin says being forced into this evasive behaviour is not the worst problem. It’s not even the abusive comments. The feeling of helplessness: that they can’t defend themselves, that they have to keep their mouths shut and accept discrimination is much worse. “If you do react, they may scratch up your car or pull a knife on you.”

Sam has had a house in the Veluwe for some time. She prefers not to visit Amsterdam any more. As soon as she drives into the city to see Robin she starts to get nervous. Robin, born and bred in Amsterdam, would prefer to stay there but she too has had enough. She has registered for a house in Harderwijk, on the edge of the Veluwe.

Safe again

Their friends and acquaintances are amused by their choice. Harderwijk is in the so-called Dutch Bible Belt, where Christians generally have fundamental objections to homosexuality. Robin says there is actually room for discussion and their sexuality is respected.

“They are hypocrites, though. We’re told that as a couple we’re okay. But they would kick their own children out the house if they turned out to be gay.”

At least in the east of the Netherlands they have never been threatened. They feel safe there.
Source: Radio Netherlands
Thursday, 29 September 2011
A number of the Dutch papers are reporting that a helpline for victims of anti-gay hate crime was launched on Tuesday.

Henk Krol, editor of the Gay Krant newspaper which set up the phone line, says homosexuals in the Netherlands are being terrorised on a large scale. De Telegraaf newspaper reports a majority of MPs want a debate on the issue.

The recent case of a homosexual couple who were forced to move from their house in The Hague after being harassed for years by immigrant-community children, received wide publicity.

Mr Krol tells De Telegraaf that there are similar examples of gay couples being forced out of homes in Utrecht and Amsterdam. He gives examples of harassment, such as “shit through the letterbox, pornographic pictures in the front garden or ‘homo’ scratched on car paintwork”.

Judging from the reports made on the first day of the helpline’s operation, it appears that homosexuals throughout the Netherlands are being verbally abused and having their lives made a misery, according to De Telegraaf. There are also reports of physical abuse.
Source: Radio Netherlands
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On 27 August, there will be an electronic music parade and festival in Brussels, Belgium. Dubbed the City Parade, it will feature a moving processing of floats through the streets of Brussels followed by a music event at a fixed venue. A problem arose when the original route plan called for the parade to transit through Moelenbeek, one of the most Muslim-colonised parts of Brussels, indeed Europe. Although the proposed route was initially approved, the local Socialist burgomeister, Philippe Moureaux, has now withdrawn his permission and the parade plans (and route signs which had already been prepared) will now have to be altered.

The reason? It seems some homophobic email traffic among the local Muslim colonists has been detected, suggesting that the City Parade is some kind of Gay Pride event. This is not true. It's a music event, but perhaps the Muslim colonists don't understand the local languages well enough to grasp that. For safety reasons, permission for the parade to travel through Moelenbeek has now been withdrawn.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011
I couldn't resist doing a Johann Hari parody. His credibility was destroyed for me long before when he published an article on Muslim homophobia in the gay magazine Attitude rather than his main Independent column. He is a despicable coward and deserves all the brickbats.

Hari: What would you say is the cruellest month, T.S?

T.S: April is the cruellest month.

Hari: How would you characterise it?

T.S: Breeding lilacs out of the dead land.

Hari: Does it stir memories for you?

T.S: Mixing memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Hari: I bet you're glad the winter's over.

T.S: Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.

Hari: How about the summer? Down the beach were you?

T.S: Summer surprised us, coming over the Starnbergersee
With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade,
And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten,
And drank coffee, and talked for an hour.

Hari: That's nice. Did you write any poetry there?

T.S: Nah, couldn't be bothered.
Tuesday, 17 May 2011
According to Peter Tatchell in the Guardian, it's all whitey's fault. No way? Yes, way. What's whitey been up to this time? Well, it seems we're responsible for encouraging animosity towards gay people in the third world:

These 46 homophobic Commonwealth countries account for more than half of the 76 countries in the world that still have a total prohibition on homosexuality, Nearly all the Commonwealth's anti-gay laws are the poisonous legacy of British colonialism. They were originally imposed by the British government in the 19th century, during the period of colonial rule – and never repealed when the former colonies won their freedom. The post-independence leaders retained the homophobic mindset of their colonial masters. Today, many of their countrymen and women absurdly proclaim that the legal proscription of homosexuality is an authentic expression of indigenous national culture and tradition.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
Gays in Lyon had been planning a "Kiss-in" on May 7 in front of the city's main mosque to protest against Muslim homophobia. The organisers have now cancelled the event, however, having received threats from Muslims and a lack of support from their usual left-wing fellow travellers on gay issues. Lyon Lesbian and Gay Pride declined to participate in the event despite having joined a similar "Kiss-In" last year in front of Lyon Cathedral. In their statement, the organisers said the following:

We have received numerous threats concerning May 7th, as well as homophobic insults from those who tarnish the image of islam: islamic fundamentalists.

We regret that the associations for the defence of the gay cause which have had the courage to confront Catholic fundamentalists have not had the same willingness to denounce Muslim fundamentalists.

We want to make clear that at no moment did we intend to injure or discriminate against the Muslim population of Lyon, but that our event was rather a message of love, tolerance and solidarity.
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
It's always amusing to see Guardianistas having to come to grips with the consequences of their own foolish choices. Now why would homophobia be on the rise in London? I dunno. Anyone got any ideas?

Some famous gay blade was attacked. So the "gay community" held a parade to appeal for witnesses. Then the parade was attacked too.

It was this parade that prompted the key witness – a bouncer who saw the attack, and who provided the description released by the police – to come forward. Yet in a poignant and shocking twist, the parade itself was attacked. Banners were destroyed, Till was pelted with eggs while making a speech, and a drag queen was punched to the ground. "It was outrageous," says Till. "I was shocked at how much hatred there is out there."

The description given of the original attacker is also amusing.

Detectives have released a description of the suspect: an athletic, six-foot male of around 20; short black hair; a tight, royal blue T-shirt; jeans; black trainers.

Quite a precise description, wouldn't you agree? There's only one significant omission: the skin colour of the perp. But that would be a little too much truth for the Guardian, wouldn't it?

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