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Wednesday, 12 June 2013
by: Prof. Drs. G.B.J. VanFrikschoten

The Amsterdam Post calls your attention to the following:

Omroep Brabant - French Knippels, manager of the animal park at the Prince Hendrikstraat, Drunen, is devastated. Last Friday a two weeks old lamb was probably so severely beaten that it is died.

On Friday Mister Knippels did his final round and saw a group of young men.

"They did it '
"I had a chat with them. One of the youngsters had shouted that they were going to fuck a sheep. I said..."When you come for the animals, you’ll have to deal with me first. "They were still there when I left. So I suspect they have done it".

According to Knippels, the lamb was abused with a PVC pipe. "I found that PVC pipe in the park. Later, when I had found the dead animal, I thought: one and one are two. The lower jaw of a young sheep was off and the bone was sticking out. The anus of the animal was also severely devastated. Teeth were beaten out of the lamb’s mouth. The dead corpse of the animal was floating in the pond. I took it out of the water."

What can you notice by reading this message? Of course. It is written in such a damn politically correct way. "Young people" would have done it. Furthermore, throughout the article there is no description of suspects. Who is trying to fool who here?

We got in contact with the administrator of that animal park because we had some questions to ask. One of the questions is: "What were these young people like? Were they Dutch youths?". He seemed to be reluctant on the specific answer. But in the end they turned out to be: 'Dutch youngsters with a foreign accent."

In Drunen about 10% of the inhabitants are of non-Western origin. And these youths were slightly dark-skinned. There were about five or six of them, between 15 and 17 years old, who hang out in the park in order to smoke dope and drink. They stand there with bicycles and / or scooters. ‘See. That what we mean!’

According to the manager, few of the "youngsters" have been already interrogated by the police. Well, let us guess: Each one of them will explain that they have not done it; or blame others. There for we will teach the police and ‘Omroep Brabant’ how to put a perpetrator profile of such mentally sick ‎ ‘youngsters’ online.

We are looking for light-skinned Moroccans and / or Turks between the ages of 15 and 17 who say they "go and fuck sheep" and that apparently have actually done it. Let those who have knots in their ears know: that this scum starts with animals and will finish with people. Please just tell people the truth! Why ten years after the murder of Pim Fortuyn is that backward culture still selectively denied? Even the so-called in-your-face PowNews has the same attitude here, just copying everything without doing their own research on the matter.

Please do not take matters anymore as granted.
Source: Amsterdam Post Original News Article:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Gellerupparken is a Muslim ghetto. Animals:
"Some children are sad that the funny pigs have been removed from an agricultural museum near Gellerupparken in Aarhus Municipality.
The explanation so far has been that the pigs were removed because of environmental and animal welfare.
But the actual reason is brutal mistreatment of the pigs - typically stoning.
In one case a piglet was killed after children of a different ethnic background than Danish had stuck a stick into it. ...
'- We protected the pigs' hut with a fence so they could be left in peace from stones and other objects.'
But the attacks continued, and the pigs have now been removed.
'- They were our most popular animals for most visitors. And we were excited to show how the pigs could live a natural life,' he says and adds that also rabbits, chickens, lambs and sheep have been hurt."
Source: Ekstrabladet - Immigrant boys stone pigs at nature museum

Thursday, 14 February 2013

This happened in Sweden.

The Muslims' names are believed to be Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani, all Tunisian.

Source: Alerta Digital
Wednesday, 6 February 2013

This happened in Ragusa, Sicily.
He started in November 2011 by burning 3000 m2 of greenhouses where tomatoes were being grown: 20,000 euros worth of damage to the farmer. Last December, he then set fire to a hangar and to two greenhouses in a farm belonging to two brothers from the region, causing damage of 10,000 euros. In between, he had committed a series of thefts of all types in the farms: poultry, a television, agricultural tools, a cooker with its gas bottle, a coffee machine, a hi-fi system...

The criminal regularly disabled surveillance cameras but during his last crime he forgot one. Its images allowed the carabiniere in Acate to identify him. He was finally arrested on Monday. He is a 32-year-old Moroccan, an illegal immigrant, already known to the police for acts of theft and violence. A search of his den (an abandoned cabin) allowed most of the stolen objects to be recovered.

The Moroccan had been employed for a few days in one of the farms in question, but had quickly been sacked because of his low productivity and his drinking. It is assumed he was partly inspired by a desire for vengeance.

In the farm where he was filmed, the camera also captured him in the course of raping the dog - a hunting dog of average size - which he subjected to repeated sexual acts.

The Moroccan was taken to the prison in Ragusa. He must answer an impressive list of indictmentsL violation of a domicile, damage followed by fire, theft in the home of an individual, theft in an agricultural enterprise, mistreatment of animals ... All of this "with the aggravating circumstance of having committed his crimes while he was on Italian territory illegally".
Source: Novopress
Sunday, 30 December 2012

I made two posts about this before. In the first, a horse had smashed the face of a Muslim who had tried to rape it. In the second, a Muslim, presumably the same one, killed a horse with a stick. It's not clear if it was the same horse and he killed it intentionally in an act of revenge or not. Here the case has finally come to court. As you can see, the Muslim gets almost no punishment for his crime.
The judge of Penal Court No. 1 in Almería passed a sentence of 3 months imprisonment on a man accused of causing the death of a horse after inserting a large stick into its anus in El Ejido (Almería).

The events occurred on the night of 12 to 13 September in 2012 in a farm located in the La Higuera road in El Ejido, where the accused immobilised a horse valued at 2,800 euros with the intention of causing it damage.

He inserted a 70-centimetre wooden handle into its anus, which produced internal haemorrhages in the animal causing its death, according to the judgement of the magistrate Luis Miguel Columna.

The judge declares that although there is no direct proof of who committed the acts, there are "more than sufficient indications to determine his responsibility" and he recalls that at the moment of his arrest, M.A. had wood remains on his clothes and a special straw that was only used on the farm where the horse died.

For that, the judge sentenced M.A. to three months' imprisonment for the crime of mistreatment of a domestic animal, a punishment replaced by expulsion from Spanish territory for a period of 10 years, and payment of 2,800 euros compensation to the owner of the horse.
Source: 20Minutos H/T: Maria José

So the horse's life and suffering has no value? It is treated only as a piece of property with a certain value. It's notable that they given only the Muslim's initials, not his full name. Probably the M stands for Mohammed.
Friday, 26 October 2012

As Muslims prepare to take twisted pleasure in the brutal slaughter of innocent animals, a spate of sheep thefts has been reported across Europe.

From Cornwall in Britain:
POLICE are warning livestock owners to be on their guard against sheep rustlers after 20 animals were stolen in Withiel.

Officers say organised gangs are again targeting the area, after a spate of sheep thefts were committed last year within a ten-mile radius of Bodmin.

The latest farmer to lose livestock is David Harris, who keeps 300 sheep on land in the Withiel parish.

Thieves stole 20 of his sheep from two fields which he estimated to be worth £3,200 at market.

Mr Harris said: "We check the sheep twice a day, but it is impossible to count every one of them, but now we will certainly be improving security in the future.

"As well as losing these sheep, you have to take into account the 30 or 40 lambs they would have produced, so you are talking about quite a few thousand pounds – it's a big loss."

Mr Harris, 65, has kept sheep for more than 25 years, and says it is the first time any of his livestock have been stolen.

"I suspect they have been taken upcountry and slaughtered at a private abattoir because they were all tagged and a licensed slaughterhouse wouldn't have had anything to do with them."
Source: ThisIsCornwall H/T: Bluepanic

At Isère in France an entire flock of sheep was stolen.
A flock of 130 lambs penned in an isolated field in Isère was stolen last Wednesday night. The livestock, which was in an electrified enclosure far from any livestock in Dizimieu, in Isère, was loaded "in a few minutes on to two lorries", indicated the officer of the Crémieu brigade, Stéphane Coignard, specifying that tyre tracks have been detected on the scene.

The stock raiser, for whom the damage is estimated at 20,000 euros, had bought the sheep three weeks again in Spain in order to sell them for the Eid festival which starts on Friday.

This theft was perpetrated so that the lambs could be "slaughtered during the festival of Eid on the local market, we are 100% certain," said the officer. "There are illegal abattoirs. The sheep can be kept in a hangar without being seen," he added when the lambs are ringed.
Thursday, 20 September 2012

Not long ago I posted a story about a Muslim who had been kicked in the face by a horse he was trying to rape. Now it seems the same Muslim returned to the same place to do the same thing. This time he killed a horse, although we don't know if it was the same one.
The Guardia Civil has arrested a 53-year-old North African and inhabitant of El Ejido accused of maltreating a horse to the point of killing it. The horse, along with others was in a farm within the municipal area. The person arrested, who has the initials M.A., was detained in May for a similar episode, when he was sentenced by a judge for abusing a female horse.

The proceedings were initiated after the complaint filed by the owner of the horse farm, who said that unknown persons had entered his farm by jumping the fence in the night of the 13th, although nothing had been found to be missing. The complaint said that one of the horses had been immobilised with ropes tied to a storage room and that a wooden handle 70 cm long and 5 cm wide had been introduced into its anus.

According to the owner, the horse had marks in different parts of its body, as well as anal haemmorhage and internal lesions which had caused its death. The Guardian Civil initiated an investigation which found that the person arrested had antecedents for a a similar act committed in the same stock-raising farm. When the police officers interviewed M.A., who showed clear signs of nervousness and gave contradictory replies, they proceeded to arrest him as the presumed perpetrator of a crime of animal mistreatment. The proceedings will take place in the capital's second court.
Source: Alerta Digital H/T: Maria José
Monday, 16 July 2012
The animal kingdom joins the Counterjihad.

A few weeks ago, in Almeria, on the Spanish coast just across from Africa, a North African illegal turned up for emergency treatment at Torrecárdenas hospital. Some of the bones of his face had been smashed in and he had suffered multiple hematomas.

Later it emerged that the Muslim had suffered these injuries while visiting a farm in El Ejido, intending to have sex with a horse there. But the horse had other ideas. It brutally kicked the lovelorn Muslim in the face. It seems the farmer had caught the same Muslim twice before sneaking into the farm to have sex with the animals ("mainly the horses") but hadn't bothered filing charges against him.

After receiving medical treatment, the police identified the Muslim as an illegal immigrant and he is now expected to be deported from the country.

Sources: Alerta Digital El Ameria
Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Then anoint themselves in its blood.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wylie, the Afghan mutt, was rescued in February by a convoy of British soldiers on patrol in a Kandahar bazaar, where a dog-fighting crowd was beating the smaller dog with lumps of wood to force the last fight out of him.

Back at Kandahar base, it was Australian Federal Police officer Narelle Jensz to whom the soldiers turned. But Wylie’s injuries were so bad Jensz judged him unlikely to last the night. Remarkably he did but his torments were far from over.

Two weeks later Jensz received another call. Local dog fighters had cut off Wylie’s ears and had scalped him in the process, before using the same homemade knife to cut his muzzle wide open from his nose to under his eye. He was patched up again by Jensz and a team of Australian Defence Force doctors only to return from his perilous forays outside the base with new injuries—a stab wound to the chest and a savagely docked tail.

Then, horrifically, one day he limped back to the camp after Kandahar locals—many of whom despise dogs only marginally less than they do coalition soldiers—had tried to sever his penis. Three times Jensz and ADF doctors had to restitch the wound.

‘Once we stitched for 90 minutes without anaesthetic,’ she said. ‘I can’t fathom how much pain he must have been in but he just lay there motionless, looking up at us. He didn’t bite or growl once.’

Wylie’s story has a happy ending: he is currently in quarantine in Britain before starting a new life in Australia. All the best, brave Wylie.

From The Australian via Andrew Bostom

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