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Monday, 11 February 2013

This is quite devastating, I have to say. I wasn't sure about Firasat before, but this article makes me think that it's time for the Counterjihad movement to start disinvesting in this guy.

I should also say that I was in email correspondence with Firasat, correspondence which ceased abruptly when I asked him the name of the restaurant where he had worked in Cordoba. I was just casually curious about this, because I go to a lot of restaurants here (Cordoba), and wondered if it had been one I knew. He had been in some kind of dispute with the restaurant owners here, too, though, so perhaps he thought I wanted to make inquiries about his past.

This was published on 24 February 2008
They took flight leaving a trail of victims and debts behind. Imran Firasat and Jenny Setiawan, political refugees in Cantabria who need to answer before a court in relation to the case filed by their business partners from Santander, have abandoned the flat they were living in and also the city. And the lawyer for the accusers has now asked the judge for a search and capture order covering all the national territory. For the many Cantabrians who threw themselves into helping them because of their hard personal history, the Pakistani and the Indonesian must have been a great disappointment.

Firasat and Setiawan succeeded in gaining temporary authorisation to reside in Cantabria in view of their exceptional circumstances: marriage between a Muslim and a Buddhist is punished by both religions, which prevented them from returning to either of their countries of origin. Having arrived in this region from Germany, Firasat moved like a fish in water between institutions and communication media. He even organised an internet campaign to support his cause.

Having achieved their goal of regularising their stateless situation, the pair opened a catering business in the Grupo Amaro in Santander, called 'Kebabish'. Under this name they formed a company with two Cantabrian couples who quarrelled with them in relation to business-related crimes approximately one month ago: after opening three premises (the Grupo Amaro one, another in Menéndez Pelayo and a third in Marqués de la Hermida), the young man and his wife sold them without the knowledge of their business partners. This gave rise to the complaint for document falsification and administrative fraud.

One of the accusers had also rented a home to them. Because they stopped paying the rent a few months ago, an eviction process has been started.

These were not the only “irregularities” committed by the political refugees. Maite Calderón, owner of a signage company, has also filed a complaint with the police after observing that the Pakistani had given her a cheque without any funds for an amount just below 600 euros. The businesswoman says it is not the money that bothers her (“I don’t expect to get it back”) but the “tremendous disappointment”. “The personal deception hurts me. When he gave me the cheque dated February, he was already preparing his flight”.

Calderón – who had no previous knowledge of the history of the immigrants through the media – is aware that the young man “had a wide circle of people who were supporting him. He offered to make all of them partners in his business. Now it’s clear his only aim was to rip them off”.

She doesn’t think it will be easy to find him. “It would be a stroke of luck”, she notes. A fortune for all those who have been left unpaid, she indicates, “because there were also people, like bar suppliers, that he has left owing”.

The family that support him in his business projects have it worst. A few days ago they learned that they will have to pay the bank the amount they guaranteed for him and they are very upset.

And the local government also have knowledge of the couple, who got a grant to start their business which these sources put at almost 5,000 euros with specific conditions that, if not fulfilled, would mean it had to be returned.

For this reason an investigation has been opened, as has been confirmed by the ex-partners of the Pakistani and the first to accuse him in the situation, who are moving heaven and earth to find him.

These persons add that, among the victims, is a former employee and the compatriot to whom he sold the premises in Menéndez Pelayo. It seems the man who convinced so many people of his painful family situation will have to give many explanations. But for that, he first has to stick his neck out.

Again, H/T to the anonymous commenter who provided links in this thread.

Imran Firasat, if you want to publish a detailed response to these allegations, I am willing to publish it here. You know my email address.

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