Wednesday, 11 June 2014
From 7sur7

The head of the French Antiterrorist Coordination Unit considers that the terrorist menace in Europe is real. According to him, Al-Qaeda may be training young jihadists in Syria for this purpose.

„Al-Qaeda selects youngsters who are then trained with the only goal to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe. For this purpose, they are recruiting youngsters who are linguistically compatible with the countries selected as target and who are psychologically the most suitable to mix into an occidental population”, Loïc Garnier told RTL France.

According to the person in charge of the coordination unit, (the possibility of) a terrorist attack against France cannot be excluded. “France is among the targets for Al-Qaeda due to its laicism, its rejection of extreme behaviors and its engagement in Afghanistan, Mali and Central Africa”, he explained, making clear, however, that “one cannot talk about the imminence of a terrorist attack, but that the threat is real”.

According to Loïc Garnier, even if not all youngsters having departed to Syria in order to fight do return with the goal of committing terrorist attacks, they will still be a risk factor for the population. “They have a level of tolerance in the face of violence which is not the same as that of the western societies”, he laments. “For them, to kill or to see (others) kill will have turned something quite banal”.


Anonymous said...

Not only Europe is at risk, but the US and Canada as well. Those two nations also supply jihadists to Syria, who are allowed to return 'home' , and would represent a real danger to the unsuspecting populations there.
Once a jihadist always a jihadist!

Diversity Macht Frei


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