Sunday, 15 June 2014
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The members of the CRS (Compagnie Républicaine de Sécurité - riot police squad) assigned to the task of protecting a synagogue in Julien-Lacroix Street of district XX in Paris were the subjects of threats made by five unknown individuals carrying a Kalashnikov and a handgun yesterday, the 14th of June, at about seven p.m.

After having pointed the guns at the agents, the aggressors did as if they were shooting at them before fleeing on two scooters. No (real) shots were fired.

The agents having been the victims of this act of intimidation told about the incident in the headquarters of the second district judicial police in charge of the investigations. “We strongly condemn this kind of intimidation in front of a place of Jewish faith”, Christophe Crépin, from the UNSA police union, declared. “We bow our heads in front of the high self-control and the professional behavior of the CRS agents in the face of a situation which could have easily escalated”.

In the evening it was made known at the headquarters of the Paris Police that a 21-years-old man was questioned a few minutes after the incident, without knowing whether he was a member of the group of aggressors. He was put under custody. Many other youngsters were seen on several occasions during the evening in the neighborhood.



Maria José said...

Spain Raids Jihadist Cell 'Led by Ex-Guantanamo Inmate'

Islam said...

Very sad New May Allah save them.

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