Friday, 13 June 2014
From euronews

Illegal immigration, a burden which is turning increasingly heavy for Italy. The accommodation of an ever increasing number of immigrants who remain in the place for ever increasing periods of time is making tensions with the locals arise, as for example in Porto Palo di Capo Passero, in the South West of Sicily. But this also cripples municipalities financially. The situation is such that Sicily had to declare the state of emergency for the towns concerned.

In the senate, the opposition has presented motions to put an end to the „Mare Nostrum”, the plan designed to rescue immigrants, but the government did not agree with that. While speaking about „pride”, the vicepresident estimated that 40.000 illegal immigrants had already been saved. Instead, what the Italian Government wants is to get the EU more involved in the „Mare Nostrum”.

This operation, which puts in action a huge number of military and civil resources on the Mediterranean sea, was launched last October following the deadly sinking of two boats off the coast of Lampedusa. It is a very expensive humanitarian effort which costs many hundreds of thousands of euros a day. The immigration policy of the EU will be an important issue for the Italian presidency of the Union starting next July.


Anonymous said...

All it takes is a big ship, an armed battalion and someone to shout "On to the ship" in Arabic.

Anonymous said...

Roma is UK destroying peaceful little town with anti social behaviour, residents threaten that violence will happen if police and authorities do not deal with the 500 welfare dependant Roma who have arrived in the town of only 3,500 inhabitants

Anonymous said...

If he likes them so much the filthy Vice President of Italy should invite the Africans to live in his house.

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