Friday, 6 June 2014
From fdesouche

According to a communiqué, 17 boats were rescued by the Italian navy off the coasts of North Africa. A total of some 2500 illegal immigrants were rescued within 24 hours counting those 443 rescued yesterday, but this is still a provisional account.

The San Giorgio vessel rescued 998 illegal immigrants. The Orione patrol boat carried out three rescue operation, during which 400 immigrants were rescued. The final number, however, is not definitive. The Scirocco frigate took 206 immigrants on board and transferred 94 others to the Glory Tellus vessel (under Panamanian flag). The Sfinge vessel picked up yesterday 113 illegals and started just minutes ago another Search and Rescue operation with a boat carrying 200 more illegals. The CP303 vessel went to the rescue of three boats, rescuing a total of 450 immigrants and carrying them to the Maersk Regensburg (under flag of Hong Kong).

175 more illegals were put on board of the Asso24 tugboat and transferred to the Jigawa vessel (under Moldovan flag). The Bergamine frigate arrived yesterday to the port of Augusta carrying 443 illegal immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Collect them and deport them back to North Africa, shut down this mass invasion of the European continent by North African and Middle Eastern Muslims.

Anonymous said...

And why are the boats not being sunk and the invaders being returned to North Africa?



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