Friday, 13 June 2014
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Nur für Frauen: Dennoch gibt es im Gartenbad auch männliche Angestellte, das sorgt für Probleme.

„Watch out, man in the place!“ This is what one hears in the Hallenbad public bath in Zürich whenever a caretaker enters the women’s dressing cabins or showers. Some of those present continue taking their shower unperturbed, and others quickly grasp a towel and cover their nakedness, all according to one’s level of shame. There are no problems or conflicts.

But in the Frauenbad (women’s bath) public bath in Eglisee - Basel, the situation is different. Here it is not about the zone of the dressing cabins, but about the public bath itself. As last Sunday the caretaker went to the women’s sector, a number of bath visitors confronted him. An entire group of Turkish women demanded him to go away – an eyewitness reported to the newspaper 20 Minuten. The caretaker calmly but firmly stated that he was just doing his work. This was a reason strong enough for the group to go to the cashier and demand back the price for the entrance tickets. “The women were rude and insulted the staff”, Eric Hardman, a member of the Basel City Sport Office declared after the incident. A Turkish man who arrived to the place also insulted the caretaker with rude expressions. The situation was then so bad that the man had to be carried away by the security personnel. The five Turkish women too left the public bath.

It is not the first occasion that problems arise in this place. Male caretakers are always a thorn in the side of Muslim women. But in the past, conflicts arose regularly even among women themselves. Strongly religious Muslim women and natives from Basel had conflicts: the former were sitting covered in the public bath, the latter were taking sunbath uncovered. This so-called “clash of cultures” was taken under control through mediation, but the problem was not solved.


The caretaker in question did not want to talk to BaZ yesterday. “We would like to protect our staff. The situation has turned already difficult enough”, Howald added. But one does not want to bend to the demands of the Muslim women. “We just could not do that”, Howald said. There are not enough female staff members to be able to run the place only with women. But this is not the only reason: “we do not let ourselves be extorted”, the manager said resolutely. “It just can’t go that far as to have to close down the place someday because of individual groups”.

The thought of turning the bath into a mixed one for both genders, at least during the weekends, keeps coming up. “In this way, the Muslim women in question would not come here again”. But he wants to avoid this at all costs. “We would not like to take away the possibility to use this place of retreat from tolerant women who appreciate the public bath.

But something must change, and Howald is convinced about this. There are already women who do not come to the baths in nice weekends anymore, because “hell breaks loose” every time. The managing board is worried about the staff, too. “We try to support them in order to avoid that one day one of them breaks down”. This situation is very burdening for the staff.

Immediate measures are expected to bring an initial improvement (of the situation). Indications in German and French can be read on placards at the entrance that male staff must also carry out their duties in the bath. After the incident on Sunday, these indications have been made more conspicuous. “The cashiers have also been instructed to inform Muslim women about these rules so that they can decide whether they want to take a bath under our rules or not”.



Godless said...

"A Turkish man who arrived to the place also insulted the caretaker with rude expressions."
OK, I can sort of understand the women complaining about a man entering the bath (although they should get over it), but why does a Turkish MAN have a problem with a male caretaker?

Anyways, Muslims should live by the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Or leave.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased they aren't backing down to these insufferable people! It's about time they lived by the laws, culture and traditions of the host country...or leave! Go back to your backward culture in your own lands. Don't inflict your backward culture on any other country!

Anonymous said...

The question really is: why are muslims even in Switzerland? How did they get there, who let them in? They are nothing but trouble wherever they are allowed to settle and breed their devil's spawn. Get them out!

Anonymous said...

As a Cristian beleiver from a holy catholic land of Croatia, I have an extremely high respect for these turkish ladies who defends their high religious and moral values.
What to say about western Europe ? unfortunately cristianity and cristian values are no more present in westerneurope.A cristian love for our muslim brothers and sisters

Anonymous said...

That is a bloody good question, say it like it is! Europe is fucked because of these cancerous people who immigrate to every country, spreading their disease.

Anonymous said...

You can feel free to take them in your City...

Anonymous said...

"They can decide whether they want to take a bath under our rules or not." This is the attitude we need to adopt more often - all the time, in fact. You can decide whether you want to follow our rules - or leave.

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