Thursday, 22 May 2014


Anonymous said...

Every people has the right to defend itself and its territory against invaders and occupiers. This of course also goes for europeans who are being assaulted and dispossessed in their very own homelands.

parisclaims said...

I think it's too little too late. Might not be such a bad thing if Sweden falls to islam. It could just wake up the rest of the west, as the native Swedes clear off, as they surely will. What will remain will be socialists and koranimals. Both groups are totally useless and are parasitical in nature, and there will be nobody left to produce the wealth .They will become a basket case

Michael H said...

It is truly disheartening to see the ebbing tides of democracy in is only a matter of time before it all collapses. I only hope I will not be alive long enough for the world to go to hell.

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