Friday, 30 May 2014
I just happened to stumble upon a very interesting article in the Jerusalem Post which tells quite a lot about the attitude of Jews towards the recent victories of the Front National and other Right-Wing parties in Europe, and I must add that I simply cannot get over my amazement when I read things like the following:

Some Jewish leaders see a silver living in the election results, however, postulating that the rise of the far right may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to WORK TOGETHER.

Imam Ahmed Miktar, president of the Association of the Imams of France and a member of the GEMJL, agreed, stating that to succeed in protecting the rights of religious minorities, “we must learn to work together effectively on the both grass roots and leadership levels. Muslims and Jews. Our communities can no longer afford the luxury of standing apart.
So what is all about now? Does this mean that Jews want to ally with Mohammed Merahs and people like those who killed Ilan Halimi? Are Jews really so stuck in their incurable paranoia regarding the right-wing than they simply cannot realize that they may be heading towards a horror worse than anything else they have experienced so far? 

Here is another interesting paragraph:
Benjamin Albalas, the head of the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, also warned of the results, envisaging the specter of the pre-Holocaust surge in European anti-Semitism. 
He is right. A pre-Holocaust spectre is indeed looming over Europe. But the problem is that they want to ally with the very community which wants to start this new holocaust.

Jews may have the highest IQ among men, as they proudly proclaim, but I wonder what use they can make of it if they suffer from this colossal mental disorder and suicidal lunacy. The second though which arises in one's mind is, however, that people simply cannot be so dumb. Something must lie behind this apparently lunatic and irrational behavior, for allegedly so intelligent people simply cannot behave this way. It would be contrary to any logic. And of course, here is where conspiracy theories start thriving and nourishing real antisemitic tendencies among Europeans. A Jewish-Muslim conspiracy to destroy the European peoples? Does anybody have other bets?

"...may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to work together".

I'm sorry, but a rational mind simply cannot understand this Jewish lunacy in light of the overwhelming Muslim antisemitism which has for years been unfolding in Europe. This is pure and simple madness, a collective paranoia... or history's most hideous and criminal conspiracy.

I recommend everybody to read the article and draw one's own conclusions.


Reality Check said...

Good grief. Jewicidal Jews. It's like Islam, I know Islam, you know islam, yet you see seemingly intelligient people join this cult. These liberal jews see Muslims' relentless quest to exterminate Jews, yet there they are, saying 'let's join hands' and fight the right. It's all nuts and you would think it is insane fiction. But there it is.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anders, I am an Israeli citizen and just want to shed light on this article by Jerusalem Post, which definetly looks amuzing. The explanation is simple - just like in Europe - Israeli press is totally hard left and (ha ha ha, hard to believe, but true) sponsored by organizations subsidesed by arab money or by oligarhs who have business interes in arabic world and collaborate with Islam. Should you minitor newspapers like Haaretz or Jerusalem Post you would be amused even more by antisemitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islamic position they consistently take. This is a sad Kafkian reality.
Apart of newspapers financied by money with strong oil smell (who said money has no smell), there is a whole bunch of organisations like New Israel Fund, Bezelem, Adalla and other, directly sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Katar etc. But this is a different story...

The people of Israel and European Jews with great sadness and pain looking at islamic dusk of Europe and hope that results of last elections shed some light od a hope. Again, dont pain attention to the statements of leftish islamo press, look at facts - Israel government coalition formed by right parties, with lefts sent to garbage(but still controling the media). Another fact is repatriation of majority of European Jews to Israel in recent years - this probably demonstrate real European Jews perception if Europe islamization...

Anonymous said...

The Jews and Muslims can join in a queue at the airport.
Jews and Muslims need to return to their respective homelands.
Then they won't have to worry about Europe and indigenous Europeans.

Anonymous said...

I pray to G-d that only a few demented Jews think like this. The Israeli, who commented on this article, gives me any kind of hope. What can they be thinking? Do they think that if they work with the muslims that they can be friends or merely tolerated? Is this this the thinking that blinded European Jews in the 1930's? Will history be repeated again - not just by the Europeans who are stumbling into another conflagration -- but these Jews, as well? Nie wieder! Nie wieder!!

Jews, go to Israel or come here to the US of A (and, for the Love of G-d, train with weapons and get your permits for Carry and Conceal)

When I read about the loony pronouncements from the Left, whether Greek or Jew, I pray that it is only a few who are mentally disabled and babble like that to the world.

Anonymous said...

the Jewish community do not need or want to hold hands with the Muslims in Europe there is a Hugh culture difference btwn them and the Muslims have different approach to Europe
the Jews can always go to Israel but the Arabs in Europe do not want to go back to their home lands for different reasons ,some because they have bad life back home (no welfare system like in Europe were as others see it as an opportunity to turn Europe Muslim which will happen within 20 years top as their birth rate is much bigger then the native Europeans and they will do it with your money,,,,you have to understand Jewish communities around Europe have nothing to gain from joining the Muslims of Europe as they are against Israel and in about 20 years they will have a political influence all over Europe as they will be the majority ,so have you ever seen an Muslim country that support Israel on any issue in the middle east ??!!! no !!! so you can understand why i think you do not understand any thing about the subject you posted

Anders Nyström said...

Anonymous at 03:22

Well... tell all this to the author of the Jpost article. Of course I do not understand this Jewish standpoint, as I clearly pointed out in the post, although anonymous at 00:18 has shed some light on it. I take no standpoint on a given issue until I have understood it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they have to bring up the holocaust in every mention of right wing politics. It's like a pavlovian reaction. Well, the holocaust has been exposed as a sob story and an attempt to guilt trip all Europeans even those born after world war 2 who couldn't possibly have had anything to do with it. Watch the following documentaries and ask yourself why is it a criminal offence to question the holocaust in EU countries -

Anonymous said...

The destruction of Europe

Reality Check said...

That articel also quoted the ADL! LOL That is the same ADL that agrees with the SPLC that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are hatemongers who should be shutup. The ADL is one of the most prominent Jewish civil rights groups and they are aligned with Muslims. ADL= judenrats.

Anonymous said...

It's not "Islam vs. Europe," it's "Jews vs. humanity."

Jews see whites as their greatest threat, not Moslems. Moslems don't threaten Jews in any significant way. This is why Jews used their political and financial muscle to rewrite US and European immigration policy -- to flood white nations with non-whites. Some of these non-whites are Moslems, many are not. All are destructive to white nations, and this makes them useful tools to Jews.

It's not Moslems that want to "holocaust" Jews. Jews want to genocide whites.

Anonymous said...

These Jews who are denoncing far right parties have either ignored the deception of Islam and allied with the muslims, or simply don't care about europe, that they want to see it get destroyed by Islam as REVENGE for the WW2 (an eye for an eye)

But what they don't understand is that by suppressing far-right parties, will only create confusion and suspicion of Jew.

Even if it is true that Jews have joined with muslims, Lefitist and Socialists against the far-right, then these muslims will just USE THEM as a means further Islam in Europe. And when the muslims have taken over European Countires, they will start to oppress Jews and Christians and atheists etc. So you will see a RISE in Rape/Crime statistics commited by muslims, a rise in corruption, bribery, anti-semitsm, suprression of basic freedoms, SHARIA, new PRO-Immigration and Voting laws etc

Basically Europe will FALL and nothing will stop the Islamic Countries of the Middle East from declaring war on Israel. So if the Jews do decide to side with the muslims, then good luck, because that plan will blow up in their face (literally)!

And what about countries like the UK, and other European countries that were not part of the Holocaust? Why do they have to suffer because of Islam?

Anonymous said...

"Will" see a rise in crime stats? There's always a rise in crime stats where non-whites congregate in statistically significant numbers.

You can spot a neo-cohen in a number of ways, but here's a guaranteed "can't fail" -- someone who complains about Moslems in Europe, but won't apply the same standards to blacks, mestizos and other non-whites in the US.

Who used their political leverage, beginning in the 1920s, to push for open borders in the US? Jews.

Who financed, propagandized, and led the "civil rights" movement -- i.e., the movement for the destruction of free association -- in the US? Jews.

Who uses their effective media/ideological monopoly to demoralize whites on a daily basis? Jews.

Non-whites, Moslem or otherwise, wouldn't be a problem if Jews didn't run the West.

Remove Jews from power, and the problem is solved.

You're either on Team White, or Team Jew. Time to choose, white man.

Anonymous said...

It's the invasion of Iberia repeated on a grand scale. Jews open the gates for muslims to invade. Jews help muslims keep what they have stolen. Jews figure they will stay among the elite because muslims are systematically retarded.

As long as Jesus is erased or replaced Jews will be happy.

Maria José said...

Suspect arrested over Brussels shooting, allegedly linked to Syrian jihadis

Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French citizen, arrested in Marseilles carrying a Kalashnikov rifle.

Anonymous said...

Once in a while, a Moslem benefiting from open (i.e., Jewed) borders brings it to a few Chosenites.

A small, small price to pay for destroying white nations. Wotta deal, it still is.

Anonymous said...

I think Christianity would most benefit from a Jewish-christian alliance over the muslims. But the problem with that is that muslims will always say they are being persecuted, for example muslims will question why the jews can have Kosher whilst the muslims cant have Halal foods.

So in other words, muslims will use the Jews as an excuse to relate and claim discrimination. A recent example of this is Denmark proposed legislation on Kosher and Halal foods which was BLOCKED by muslims and Jews.

So how does Christianity expect to join Jews like this? Honestly if Islam dominates Europe, then the world is STUFFED for both Jews and Christians.

The Jewish elite definitely need to PULL back their anti-right condemnation a little for now, just enough to stop the massive muslim migrations from destroying Europe within the next 25-50 years. Otherwise CHRISTIANITY will unite against Islam and Jews and it will lead to conditions seen like that of World War 2.

Anonymous said...

Arrest made over killing of Jews in Brussels plus more for recruiting Islamic Satan's Army of terrorist fighters

Anonymous said...

Jews are anti-right because they're anti-white. That takes precedence over all other considerations.

If the Muzzies can't have halal, the Jews can't have kosher. Fair is fair.

As for Christians "joining" Jews -- if your god is a Jew on a stick, I'd say you've joined them.

Anonymous said...

"As for Christians "joining" Jews -- if your god is a Jew on a stick, I'd say you've joined them."

St. Stephen would say otherwise.

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