Friday, 9 May 2014

The mosque in Graz should now be built up one year earlier than initially planned. This is to be made possible through a generous donation which amounts to half a million Euros. A total amount of 3 million euros are needed for its construction.

The building of the mosque and also the Islamic cultural center belonging to it, which is taking place in the Herrgottwiesgasse/Laubgasse area (in Graz), is financed exclusively through donations. The mosque alone will cost some 3 million euros, and together with the cultural center, which will include the administrative zone of the compound and a youth club, the whole project will cost some 10 million euros.

A fifth of this amount could already be gathered. A huge donation made this year by a businessman from the Emirates came as a surprise, Aldin Bektas, the spokesman for the Islamic cultural center explained. “The huge donation amounted to half a million euros. Till now only half of this amount has been transferred, and after the financial donor has made sure that the money will be spent on the mosque, and not in any other project, the rest of the money will also be sent".

This will make possible that the mosque be fully built up in summer next year, that is, one year earlier than initially planned, Bektas happily explained. For the mosque is now the most important issue. "Some 400-500 individuals could come for the Friday prayers, and now the actual place is bursting at all its seams. By now some members have to perform the Friday prayers at the outside, therefore the mosque is the number one priority, because we really need the place".

It is still not clear when will the whole project be finished. One must now hope for more generous donations. The money can be basically sent from all over the world, but the biggest share of the donations comes from Muslims living in Austria and Graz, but also from Germany or Bosnia, Bektas explained.

Source: orf


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