Monday, 19 May 2014
From Junge Freiheit

The Police union has complained about an escalating level of violence against Police agents. “The attacks against our colleagues have clearly become more intense”, the spokesman for the Police Union in North Rhine – Westphalia, Arnold Plickert, told FOCUS. Earlier the attackers would have left the victims in peace in case they were lying on the ground, but nowadays they still would kick them on the head.

According to the report, in 2013 almost 12.000 cases of violence against Police agents were registered only in North Rhine – Westphalia. This would make a 9% increase as compared to the previous year. The numbers increased also in Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Rhine Land – Pfalz and Brandenburg.

It is mainly young men from immigrant families that cause concern to the Police. An online document from the Police in Hamburg with the title: “Violence against the Police – Internal picture of the situation” states “huge difficulties with 13- to 25-years-old young men coming from southern countries in Europe” (note from the translator: “southerner” is a politically correct way of talking about Muslims and Turks in the mainstream German media), the magazine writes. These partially undereducated and alcoholic immigrants are a “major problem group”.

Neither do the plans of the Police to incorporate agents with a so-called migration background in order to be better accepted in Turkish and Arab zones seems to work properly, for these agents are seen as traitors by the inhabitants of districts with a high percentage of foreigners during police operations.


Anonymous said...

When wild animals wonder to a civilized town or city, they must be caged, then displayed to the public. If they become too unrully like any wild animal, you must euthinize them.

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