Saturday, 17 May 2014
From Le Figaro

As noted by an AFP journalist, some 130 people gathered this afternoon in front of the city hall in Mantes-la-Ville (Yvelines) in order to denounce the “disrespect” showed by the town’s Front National mayor, who yesterday blocked the proposed mosque project which had been given green light by the former (socialist) municipal authorities. The overwhelmingly Muslim members of the gathering came together in a calm mood, some of them holding tricolor flags, to the call of the Muslim Association of South Nantes (AMMS), which is the organization behind this project. The president of this organization, Abdelaziz El Jaouhari, denounced through the loudspeakers a “willingness to block (the project) out of ideological reasons”, and called on the FN mayor Cyril Nauth to follow his “moral and legal obligations”. “The project will not be given up”, he assured the members of the gathering before asking them to disperse. 

Then the mayor appeared on the front stairs outside the city hall in order to justify his stand on “this wicked project”, which he said it had been “arranged behind the backs of the citizens of Mantes-la-Ville” and may “cover hidden political and electoral activities”, all this being accompanied by boos (by part of those gathered). Yesterday he left a meeting unattended with a notary regarding the signature of the agreement to sell the old local treasury house which was destined to be turned into a mosque. But with the essential signature lacking, the process has been stopped, opening the way - as seen by the AMMS -  to send a summons to the local authorities in order to force the transaction if “no friendly solution is met within the next days”.

The first step of this transaction was made in the autumn of 2013 at the city council, but in the meantime, Cyril Nauth, who had been campaigning against the project, created a surprise by being the first FN candidate to win in Ile-de-France. According to this project, the conurbation community of Mantes-en-Yveline would have to sell the building to the town, which in turn would sell it to the AMMS, a religious association established to carry out this project worth 650.000 € and financed through donations coming from the faithful. It would replace the current prayer room located in a building which is unsafe and must be demolished.

In his speech, the mayor declared that he was open to a new project and to discuss the issue with “good-willed people” before inviting the president of the AMMS to desist from the current plans. This issue, which had been a hot topic at the local campaign and divided the left wing, has been for several months tearing apart the Muslim community. The Muslim Association El Fethe, which had previously been leading the issue, and which was rejected by the former municipal authorities, is accusing the AMMS of having “conspired” against them “for political purposes”.


Rita said...

BRAVO !!! Lets all vote for the Front National - France's last hope.

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