Saturday, 24 May 2014

Yes, we are talking about Germany! Just look at the fifth row, right in the middle... is he not a real Imam? And how many women with headscarf can you count?

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

Did it to yourselves, take a bow.

Anonymous said...

So not only is it aggressive atheism and new world order LGBT people like that conchita thing who won eurovision, but now its also aggressive islam who are fighting for who gets to be the new world order.

Off course Christianity is out of the picture, soon atheism/islam will make all christian countries POST-CHRISTIAN!

where is the new crusade, where are the Winston Churchill's, where are the followers of the bible, Christianity has become nothing but a lie, hardly anyone is a true christian, because if we were, we would have expelled all non-christian and LGBT people out of our christian countries, we need the renaissance era now more than ever!

Reality Check said...

Muslims concentrate in infidel territory therefore creating a majority, then elect their own and begin to implement sharia. More infidels flee, the Muslim territory expands. Repeat.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 25 May 2014 04:16 said "where are the Winston Churchill's". You've got to be joking. During world war 2 Churchill entered an alliance with the openly atheistic Soviet Union of Josef Stalin which was responsible for killing millions of Christians before the war even started.
Churchill talked about fighting for the rights of small nations but let Stalin take over eastern Europe including Poland which was the reason for going to war in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"Churchill entered an alliance with the openly atheistic Soviet Union of Josef Stalin "

as if he had a choice. moron
FDR imposed Stalin on Churchill.

Anonymous said...

Churchill was nothing but whiny windbag, blaming the US for the war after he had begged on hands and knees for FDR to support him in another European war which no one in America even wanted at that time. And people complain about the way America acted after the war...
Well, the one thing you cannot say, is that we blamed Churchill for starting it!



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