Thursday, 22 May 2014
From Friatider

The National Association of Afro-Swedes criticizes Sweden for having done away with the concept of race from the legislation.

This association is known for its radical standpoints regarding multiculturalism and alleged discrimination. Among other things, the organization has claimed that the comic book “Tintin in the Congo” contains hate speech, and also criticized allegedly “racist pastries” (photo below) and filed a complaint against the Pride Parade because one of the participants was dressed as a Somali pirate.

Now this association holds that too little is talked about race in Sweden: “Sweden has like no other western country created a self-image of a land without colonial past in which questions about race and racism do not present any relevance.  The culmination of this was that the concept of race was removed from any legislation and official document in 2011, in this way making Sweden a distinctive place in the world. (But) this also goes against the EU race directives and the UN race conventions where the concept of race is used to address the issue of race discrimination”, association members Kitimbwa Sauni and Zakaria Zouhir write in Dagens Arena

The association holds that the - according to them – Swedish refusal to use the term “race” brings as result that the existence of the Afro-Swedes is denied in the political debate.


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