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Local elections are to be held in the German town of Neuss (Neuß) the next 25th of May. The election contest is in full swing, and the nearest the voting day, the more desperate and debunking the ways of luring voters are – specially in the case of Muslims, of course. This is outright evident when the candidate is of Turkish origin and himself a Muslim, like Yasar Calik (photo below), a politician from the German CDU – Christliche Demokratische Union – Christian Democratic Union party. He has now added the islamic half moon to the logo of the party, so that everybody shall now see for whom will the Christian Democratic Union make politics in the town of Neuß (and in a perhaps not very distant future also in the whole country?).

It is also worth noting that the candidate for the SPD – Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands – German Social Democratic Party is also a Turk and a Muslim: Hakan Temel.

So by now anybody can guess in which direction German political trends are likely to drift...

Source: PI
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