Friday, 21 March 2014

Berlin – Among the audience, many women covered with headscarfs; on the stage, three half-naked ones. The bare-breasted FEMEN activists disrupted on Thursday afternoon one of the acts of the one-week event called „Islamwoche Berlin 2014”, which was taking place in the Red House. The extremely controversial Dr. Mustafa Yoldas from Hamburg was presenting his dubious ideas during this act.

„No fear of breasts, no fear of liberty!”, the young women wearing red hotpants shouted. The  roughly 200 listeners were gazing with shock. Many of them were muslims. The security personnel were quick to take the half-nacked women out of the room, and then the police arrived.

But it was equally surprising that this man was allowed to take part in the panel discussion „Shaping Berlin – local possibilities and challenges”, organized as part of the Islamwoche. For the primary goal of the Islamwoche is the intercultural exchange in a peaceful form. Issues related to culture, religion and society should bring closer citizens of Berlin, Muslims and non-Muslims.

But the participation of Yoldas gave a bad aftertaste to the event. Dr. Mustafa Yoldas is not only the chairman of the Shura of Hamburg, which is under permanent surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. He is also the head of the already in 2010 banned international humanitarian organization IHH, which is a fund raising organization for Hamas.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Mustafa Yoldas is also a „faithful official of the Islamic Organization Milli Görus”, political scientist and historian Dr. Johannes Kandel wrote in an outraged tone to Klaus Wowereit, the mayor of Berlin.
Dr. Mustafa Yoldas  

Source: Berliner-Kurier via PI


Anonymous said...

Florida USA - That reminds me to pick up a couple of jugs of milk on the way home tonight.

Anonymous said...

Holy titties Batman!

hellosnackbar said...

This Femen society is the sine qua non of political courage .
Respect for Islam is absurd!

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