Monday, 17 February 2014


She is a single mother of three children aged 9, 13 and 15. She not only wants to raise them, but to give them a good education, too. Moroccan woman Elou Akhiat (40) works hard for it.

After her divorce 8 years ago, she emancipated herself, put away the headscarf and undertook training in the field of gastronomy. She recently opened a wine bar in Rotterdam called Uvo Dolce, for she has many Italian wines in stock. This has resulted in her receiving hundreds of death threats from fellow believers. She is being called “whore” and ostracized on social online platforms, and she has also turned into a target for gossips and false stories.  

Her father (74) is an Imam in Rotterdam, and he has no objection to his daughter’s bar. She says that hers is the “coolest father” amongst those she knows. She suffers under the pressure of the death threats. She says that “Of course I know that alcohol and Islam are not compatible. But I am a citizen of the world. Nobody in my bar is forced to drink wine. I also serve tea, chocolate and alcohol-free halal wine”. She also says that she is an entrepreneur who wants to earn money.

Himself a Muslim from Morocco, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaled, ordered the police to keep an eye on the bar. Uva Dolce could even become a new chick hotspot. There is massive support for her on the internet.
Source: Die Presse


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