Thursday, 20 February 2014

The illegal immigration to Europe has risen sharply. This is the conclusion to be drawn from the latest EU statistics of the FRONTEX – European Border Agency, which refer to the third quarter of 2013. According to these statistics, more illegal border crossings have been registered than at the height of the Arab revolutions in 2011, and there have till now never been such a high number of asylum applications lodged to the EU, too.

The majority of refugees arrived to Italy, most of them coming from Syria, allegedly because of the civil war taking place there. According to the agency, there are no signs that this picture will change anytime soon on the short/medium-term.

During the third quarter of 2013, 42.618 illegal border crossings have been registered in the EU, which was almost double as compared to the same quarter of the previous year, and four times more than at the beginning of 2013. The European Border Agency talks about a “dramatic increase”, which has taken place almost exclusively at the Italian coasts, mainly in Lampedusa and Sicily. 8.000 and 12.000 immigrants were registered there respectively. Apart from Syrians, it was mainly Eritreans who were taken up, and also a minor number of Somalis and Egyptians. The bulk of them had arrived from Libya in boats, the use of “mother ships” having turned more and more common. Small boats are used to transport the immigrants to the shores from these ships.

In Greece, which was during years the country where the greatest number of immigrants had been arriving, the situation has stabilized, according to the agency. However, this country is still the second after Italy in the number of registered immigration attempts. At the border with Turkey, which had previously been considered to be an open door to the EU, the numbers are “negligible” since a better protection was ensured for this border.

But the illegal border crossings at the Eastern Aegean and in the neighboring Bulgaria have increased – in a 600% compared to the previous year. Apart from Syrians, it was mainly Afghans and Algerians those who trespassed the borders. The Hungarian border to Serbia has also been a zone with a huge increase in immigrant numbers, but it dropped after the country strengthened its asylum laws.

The number of asylum applications in the EU countries increased during this period “at an alarming speed“ - as Frontex describes it - to 97.207. This was the highest number of applications ever for a quarter of year in the EU. Syrians made up 13.963 of the total, which was double of the already high number registered in the previous quarter. More than two thirds of the applications made by Syrians were filed in Sweden, Germany and Bulgaria. The statistics also show that by taking into consideration all applicants from all nations, one can note a “growing concentration” in Sweden, Germany and the UK.
Source: FAZ


Sum Dum Goy said...

Warefare by other means while you slept.Welcome to reality.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the bloody EU and close the borders!

Anonymous said...

Until the EU resolves the problem of poverty of EU citizens , which it does not readily admit to , there should be a stop to all immigration .
Also the definition of asylum seeker should be made more precise , as the majority who claim to be asylum seekers are nothing more then economic asylum seekers , and the EU has no need of these people with unemployment and poverty at the current levels .

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