Wednesday, 8 January 2014
Some of Britain's most disadvantaged minority ethnic groups are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts, official figures released on Wednesday show.

The Department for Work and Pensions found the unemployment rate for whites aged 16-24 was 19% last September.

The rate was 46% for young Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers and 45% for young black people.

All minority ethnic groups in the study had a higher joblessness rate than whites, especially those under 25.

The rate was 26% for young mixed-race workers, 34% for young Indians and 29% for Chinese under-25s.

The figures also show the situation is worsening and ethnic minorities have missed out on the recent jobs boom as public sector jobs, where ethnic minorities are over-represented, have continued to be squeezed.

In the 12 months to September 2013 the average unemployment rate for young people in all minority ethnic groups jumped from 33% to 37%.

Black and Asian workers are over-represented in "human health and social work" – a category that covers the NHS.

Black workers are heavily represented in white collar administrative jobs in the private and public sectors, according to the DWP data, and these jobs have suffered losses over a longer period of time as organisations have increased their reliance on IT systems.

Across the adult working population, ethnic minority groups suffered a rise in the unemployment rate from 13% to 14% over the previous year.

The rate remained constant between 2012 and 2013 for the UK as a whole, at 8%, and at 7% for white British workers.
Source: Guardian


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the BBC's 'The Truth About Immigration' documentary on Tuesday night?

Typical of their left-wing liberal view many were on there stating that economically immigrants were beneficial to the country. They also spoke with some Sikhs and Poles about how they love it here and call themselves English (in fact all immigrants are only British through paperwork).

But surprise bloody surprise there was no mention of the public's concern over Islam and all that it entails; the terrorism, killings, child grooming gangs, violence, hate speeches etc. etc. etc.

Anyone who can stomach this 'factual' documentary can view it here for the next few days:


CRUSADER said...

These scum are welfare parasites, that is their profession. Things will get worse long before they get better..


I have seen it for myself,the job center employees do not pressure the pakis or negroes to find work,only the indigenous unemployed,hence theses figures.

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