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These events were organised by the charity Open Doors. In some places, passing Muslims apparently shouted "Allahu Akbar!" at the participants.

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

You call that a protest? Mohammedans like to see Westerners/Christians on there knees with their hands tied. They look like there are getting ready to have their heads loped off. Pathetic street theater. You can do better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 13 January 2014 01:15-- The people they most need to influence are their fellow indigenous Europeans. If adopting the symbolic posture of the Christian victims accomplishes that, it doesn't matter very much what the Muslims think.

Anonymous said...

The muslims will be doing that soon enough in europe. On the up side almost 80,000 muzzrats are getting chased out of that central african country. can't remember the country's name.

Anonymous said...

Christians should employ words, ideas and the faith of the Gospel, not simply their bodies. "Put on the whole armour of God" --- the Church Militant is active, not passive, because it should be concerned with the world as the kingdom. And conversion is not the least of its duties.

Anonymous said...

thank you that you start to defend our christian roots and tradition. This is the beginning of a very meaningful activity - to fight with peaceful weapons against senseless attacks and suffer to our brothers and sisters. Please don't give up and keep this style - it will be successful in the future. Best wishes from an experienced woman.

Anonymous said...

That non-violent "style" doesn't seem to working in Syria, where Christians are being raped, murdered and tortured. Non-violence only works when dealing with a civilized people.

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