Saturday, 11 January 2014

Florian, suspected of having killed Eddy in Thouars on the last 28 December, appeared this Tuesday in front the Bail and custodial procedure judge.

The magistrate was due to rule on the validity of the compulsory hospitalisation that was ordered the day after the murder.

According to the investigation that is underway, Florian, 18, is said to have no previous psychiatric record. He converted to Islam recently, and is said to have killed, in a fit of madness, "in the name of Allah".


Roni said...

For converts to Islam is being a Muslim “A License to Kill”. This is mainly why they choose this religion.

Anonymous said...

Why not call it human sacrifice,because thats what it is.The whole middle east is blood drenched land of psycho savages.Thats why the devil spites most of them with his religion.They get to burn now and pay later.

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