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"What happened in Volgograd in Russia is only the beginning of a new series of nightmares that the unjust heathen states will experience in response to their oppression. Soon it will be the turn of Belgium and France. That's a promise and the believer never breaks a promise!" These are the words of Ilias Azaouaj on the social network. The young 22-year-old imam, who is currently said to be in Syria on the side o the islamist fighters, is said to have taken control of his Facebook account back to proclaim his adherence to Al Qaeda.

"The Russians couldn't stop this attack despite their security agencies," he emphasises, adding: "The Belgians and French wouldn't be able to either! The time when you could buy informers is over, the time when you could trust everyone, now we're not kidding, we're not joking, we're moving into action."

Ilias Azaouaj left for Syria last April, officially to bring young Belgian fighters back to their parents. After a long period of silence, the man reappeared last 7 November in a recording where he declared that he had joined a group of fighters linked to Al Qaeda. Long suspected of collaboration with Belgian and Moroccan secret services, he admitted having been an agent for both countries. The video in question has been authenticated by the police and by a member of the Brussels imam's family. However, questions remain about the management of his Facebook account, followed by more than 1000 people and on which he appears in the company of the Minister of the Interior Joëlle Milquet. On his cover photo, he threatens her with releasing recordings of his meetings with the federal police and state security agency to the general public.

In the new statement published this Sunday, he congratulates the "brothers in the Caucasus for this marvellous success", underlining that they are "excellent in combat, especially in Syria". Ilias Azaouaj warns Belgium and France: "Your powerlessness will be unveiled to the world (…) We are everywhere and we follow the only infallible methodology which is the methodology of Allah while you are headed for your downfall!"
Source: Via: Défrancisation

In Belgium, Ilias Azaouaj used to pose as a moderate Muslim, doing charity work and playing the usual game of attacking the "extremists on both sides", namely Islamic radicals and European patriots who warn about the consequences of Muslim immigration.

Ilias Azaouaj was involved in Zakat charities, giving help to homeless people, etc., which helped him win mainstream credibility. At the top he is pictured with the current Belgian Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet.

He attacked Sharia4Belgium as a hate group. Even earlier this year, he was still playing this game, criticising jihadist radicals.
Bravo,bravo & bravo again to the mosques of Belgium for giving no place to extremists for their stupidities! Allah is with you #Azaouaj

— Azaouaj Iliass (@Azaouaj_Iliass) 14 January 2013

It's an honour for me to be the target of pro-jihadist extremists :D just now on their Facebook pages. Thank you, thank you, #Azaouaj — Azaouaj Iliass (@Azaouaj_Iliass) 15 January 2013

Extremists want to go against the Koran/Sunna! Calling people to Islam is done with good words not with violence.

— Azaouaj Iliass (@Azaouaj_Iliass) 13 February 2013

In February 2013, Azaouaj invites Marwan Muhammad, spokesman for the "Collectif contre l'islamophobie en France" (CCIF) [Association against Islamophobia in France] to Brussels, an organisation recognised by the UN. Together they discuss racism, Islamophobia and the means to counter it.

In March 2013, Azaouaj was one of those invoted to the "Annual Gathering of the Muslims of the North" in Lille. But one of his most decisive encounters was with Ahmed Jaballah, président de l' "Union des organisations islamiques de France" (UOIF), the supreme representative of Islam in France. Together, they discussed the bad image of Islam in Europe and other questions related to integration.

When he went to Syria, supposedly to rescue and bring back the "Belgian" jihadists, contact with him was abruptly lost. Establishment voices then expressed their concern for him, fearing he might have been kidnapped or killed by "extremists".

In fact, he was now one of the extremists and perhaps always had been.


Fritz Kohlhaas said...

He showed his real colour. The methodology of Allah is to lie to the infidels. It says so in
the Koran.

Anonymous said...

These cavamen (Muslims) are the genetic brothers of the Jews. Jews have been trying to destroy Europe by using these vulgar puppets (Muslims). Islam is not the religion of the peace. It is a transformation of Judaism. It is brother of Judaism. Both of them are the sects of Hate.

Anonymous said...

Stupid muslims. Just get out, get the hell out!

Roni said...

@Anonymous 2 January 04.23
The Muslims are still cavemen of the most primitive sort. Only the Oriental and part of the Sephardic Jews are genetic brothers of the Arabs. If all Jews were genetic brothers of Muslims, I had rather start to fear. . Can you imagine even for a second, that these cavemen would have people among them with the brain capacity of Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and the whole row of Nobel Prize winners (real winners: chemistry, physics etc., no fuckers who get it for peace). I agree with you that lot of Jews are idiot enough to join the ‘righteous brothers’ of multiculturalism. This hazardous movement is not a Jewish one. It comes out of a collective sick brain of Generation ’68. Long ago the members of this generation had ruined their brains by drugs, sex and Rock ‘n Roll. Today they are morbid, dangerous and corrupted people who are endangering us by their folly. The EU is their creation. Islam is not a transformation of Judaism. Judaism does not believe in the need of slaying women and girls just because they are going their own way and have independent will. Jews who had converted themselves to another religion, were in the past outcasts; but nobody had the right to take their lives.
All monotheistic religions are basically sects of hate!!! From the time people become too religious, they see themselves as divine creatures that stand above others.

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