Thursday, 12 December 2013

Source: Twitter Via: Défrancisation


Anonymous said...

Check out the profile pic:

Clearly, there are multiple levels of bitterness here.

Anonymous said...

So many non-white cretins with severe emotional problems... why aren't they medicated or seeking treatment?

DIREITA said...

They are right

Anonymous said...

This guy, BlackForever, if he is not doing sarcasm, must be an idiot. Since when the blacks can rule together with the Arabs? The Arabs think the blacks are the lowest race only good for slaves.

Bernard said...

Are they wrong?

Anonymous said...

I thought we already New France had been colonised? Or is that just me?

Anonymous said...

They actually think they own the place, hey dpsht you're just a crappy alien who doesn't belong, leave now!

Even if we are done it's not like you'll gain anything from it, to keep it all, it requires money and stability, which you have neither of and are incapable of providing.

In short it will quickly revert to being a ruined, smoldering, wasteland, where everyone lives in darkness, misery and people are senselessly killed on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is some coincidence that muslims are in europe!? They are being used by the powers at be to drive the white people of europe into right wing fascism , I cant believe people cant see what's happening . They will be killed and driven out of europe and so will the blacks in america . You think I am crazy all of you ,but I have spent years of research regarding the matter , listen to Eric john Phelps on YouTube or read about the Jesuits


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