Thursday, 19 December 2013
A blog post in the Telegraph today helped crystallise my thoughts on something I’ve been thinking about for a while.
Here is an extract:
Like almost everyone I encounter in London, I come from somewhere else. I'm one of millions of economic migrants who feel they have to (for now) be in London to earn a living. Incidentally, having a transient middle class is what makes the centre of London so enchanting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The place is just about deserted. Almost everyone seems to have gone home, if they still think of where they originally came from as home (I do). Any day now, off we go, driving home for Christmas, to Yorkshire, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Leeds, Exeter, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and so on.

It seems to me that people in general have evolved a capacity to take this dichotomous view of places where they live, work and belong to. Their sentiment of belonging attaches to the place where they grew up, where their families lived and often their ancestors. They feel its culture has shaped them and they care deeply about its continuity and well-being. I call this homespace. To earn a living, however, to make their way in the world and advance their career, they may feel obligated to uproot themselves and live somewhere else. Usually they will feel no sentimental attachment to this new place. They may not like it at all. Life there may be distressing and inconvenient. But they feel impelled to put up, at least temporarily, with its indignities to get what they can from it. I call this plunderspace.

People, in general, vary in their willingness to uproot themselves from homespace and venture into plunderspace. For many careers it’s not necessary, and some people are simply not willing to abandon their families and the places they know. But those who dominate the public sphere of our society, politicians, journalists, academics, are among those who have the most highly developed acceptance of the plunderspace/homespace dichotomy. Their jobs necessarily involve a high degree of mobility from their place of upbringing. They therefore come to see plunderspace as the norm. They reconcile themselves to its unpleasant aspects almost completely. Even they, however, still exhibit some sentimental attachment to their place of origin.

The problem for us is that they then project this plunderspace mentality on to our countries and our continent as a whole. It’s clear, for example, the vision of Britain’s future cherished by our elites is London, or Londonistan. This is a city where the indigenous people are already a minority, where historic sub-cultures (like the Cockney dialect) are being erased by displacement immigration from outwith Europe. These aliens have also developed the homespace/plunderspace mentality to a very high degree. But for them our entire country and continent is plunderspace. Their home, the place of their heart, is Pakistan, Nigeria, Jamaica, Turkey, etc. And those places are completely unimpaired in their cultural and genetic purity. They are not being repopulated or reculturated by aliens. And if they were, you can be damn sure that the invaders currently bleating about racism and islamophobia would be the first to protest against it.

It is this same psychological cleavage we see in Jews with regard to Israel and the European societies they live in. Diaspora Jews see the societies they live in as plunderspace. They therefore advocate the policies they see as best suited to facilitate their plundering: diversity, multiculturalism, open-borders immigration, criminalisation of free expression, etc. Any attempt by the indigenous people to advance a Homespace-oriented policy framework is met with howls of indignation and anathema, coupled with the customary accusations of wickedness. In Israel, however, which for them is homespace, Jews ruthlessly discriminate against the aliens who would like to treat their home as plunderspace. This is what lies at the heart of Jewish hypocrisy with regard to “diversity” and immigration.

We, as Europeans, are effectively denied the moral right to a Homespace of our own. We are forced to consent to our entire country and continent being made the plundering ground for aliens. But no people can exist without a physical territory of its own, a home. This is the essence of the genocide being inflicted on us.


Anonymous said...

Yes that reasoning makes sense in many ways. Naturally and especially I would think racial aliens, those who have no attachement to their current living space at all would see things from that perspective.

I worked and lived in China for several years. Certain aspects of their culture I have always found rather attractive but I always was cognisant of the fact that I was a racial alien there and accepted that fact and was comfortable with it. I would never have even thought of demanding special rights and privileges there let alone making threats as the Islamists and Africans do in the West. To do that takes a high level of unmitigated gall and shows contempt for the society that has graciously taken them in.

I know several Jewish people who have never been to Israel. The idea of having a homeland of their own to go to must offer a measure of comfort given the mass murder of their people some 70 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Given those facts, I really believe that Jews and also we indigenous Europeans would be better off if Jews emigrated to Israel. Those Jews who believe as we do could stay and help us with our struggles but we certainly do not need them ADDING to our problems. Yes yes their actions may be understandable in the context of their experiences but still they must understand that we want our homelands too. We have went above and beyond the call of duty welcoming aliens into our countries. It has turned out to be a failure and a mistake.

Anonymous said...

The Turks roaming the streets in Germany think they own the place. It makes me literally sick that we let these alien hordes do this in our countries when the reverse would never be tolerated in their country.
Have we become that weak as a people?

Anonymous said...

I watched an immigration debate last night on youtube. Two of the panelists towed the Corporatist line saying that we need all these foreigners. "How are we going to pay all the pensioners without them?"

I felt like saying, "Gee, dumbass, how did we manage without them for five thousand years?"

You take the economic hit and set up your economy such that the pensioners save and pay for their own retirements that's how. You do not want to end up losing your country to aliens just to save the current crop of pensioners! What kind of logic is that? Corporatist logic, that's what. They see a nation as nothing more than geographic boundaries in which to conduct business with maximum profit. The people be damned!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that many Jews think that way. The ones I have known are fully integrated into the places where they live. The Jews of east London that I knew thought the UK immigration policy was insane and giving over power to Europe bonkers, just like a lot of other Brits. You would not know they were Jews unless they told you. However we only had to look at a Paki to see a Paki. You can find 50 lefty cultural Marxists who are non jews to one jew who is. The plunderspace theory on the whole is correct. However jews and others beyond the 3rd generation who in a lot of cases have already married out do not think of the old country as home. Also migrants in whatever society consider themselves superior to the locals who they view as "fat and Lazy" This happens everywhere and across racial divides as I have witnessed it as a migrant in 3 continents.

Anonymous said...

Example 1 :Irfan Rabbani, 49, has been a member of the Labour party for over 20 years and councillor for Pollokshields since 2007. A GLASGOW Labour councillor has defected to the SNP after "coming to the conclusion that Scotland will be better off as an independent country".

He joined the Labour party as it would do the most for his ethnic group. The man was not getting a job with Labour so he jumped the wall. Happens all the time with all parties. The reasons he quoted are mainly issues that have been in operation for many years, Trident etc. The illegal wars? Why does he wait until they are coming to an end before he protested about them? Why did he wait until he was not getting selected. Better if he had spoken out while he was in position. Sour grapes

Example 2: Mohammad Sarwar (born 18 August 1952) is a Pakistani politician who is the current Governor of Punjab. Sarwar was a British Labour Member of Parliament (MP) in Glasgow from 1997 to 2010, first for Glasgow Govan and then from 2005 for Glasgow Central. He was the first ever British Muslim MP.He renounced his British citizenship in August 2013 following his nomination as Governor of Punjab by the government of Nawaz Sharif.He played an important role in campaigning and fund raising in Britain for the right-wing PML (N) (now ruling party in Pakistan) during the 2013 General election in Pakistan.
So left wing labour in the UK and rightwing PML in Pakistan his home space.

Also you find the same multiculturalist people replacers in the left wing Israeli peace now movement and Haaretz. Doing the same thing to the working class neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv etc.

Anonymous said...


American public opinion, Christians, and absolutely shocked congressional Democrats (and Republicans) who don’t feel comfortable with Obama and Kerry’s policies are the main supporters of Israel. It will be interesting to see if and when the Democrats have to choose between Israel and real dangers to Israel. However, a large number of the pro-Obama and radical or even anti-Israel cadre are Jews themselves — an incredible proportion. It is surprising, but also not so surprising. Yet it must be confronted; and it must not be answered by more words but by political movements and pressure.

Why are Jews so far to the left in general? Historically, it is no mystery. The Jews in the nineteenth century were modernists, supporters of change and development, because traditional society did not have a place for them. Then, the Democratic Party made a serious effort to get the immigrant and other urban ethnic votes.

The New Deal was very good for Jews and was strongly supported by them; many government agencies were first staffed by Jews at that time. Also many academics, journalists, and other service professions and trade unions were working government-created jobs. And the fight against fascism was led by the Democratic Party in that era.

You would think that the Democratic view is out of date, but of course it is not. It is just unfashionable to be Republican, whereas liberal Democratic politics are associated with all that is smart, good, and stylish.

Today, there is a very bizarre division among Jews in the United States. There is a serious lack of Jewish causes among leftist Zionists. Activists are either pro-Israel and traditional liberals or moderates, or they belong more to the extreme left wing — which is, unfortunately, disproportionately common. I should think the historical far-left communist experience should be sufficient to scare Jews (remember the oppression of Soviet Jewry).

But the fact is that the academics, journalists, and public advocates who are involved are often Jewish. I actually fear reading the bylines and quotes in publications, because I know that Jewish names are so often attached to “progressivism.” Some causes of this may be obvious. Both fascists and extreme nationalists have of course been hostile to Jews, as far back as the Dreyfus affair. Yet you would think that Jews were knowledgeable about history. Naturally, Jews are sympathetic toward minorities and more sensitive about racism. But why do Jews think that the state is their friend? The state has also often been the enemy. Still, many Jews are directed to professions and high-level academic achievement, which can focus on statist-finance involvement.

There is still anti-Semitic bias in the U.S., and it is most often seen among the left with their lack of sympathy for Jewish causes and dishonesty in dealing with Israel policy. Israel is by far the country that others are the most unfairly biased toward — higher than any bias against Muslims. Yet this is not recognized by Jews, because it makes radicals look better. And, of course, if this is a real bias, then the fact that some Muslims want genocide is not taken seriously, especially in university classes.


Anonymous said...

A month ago I scanned a website of "most wanted" Medicare and Medicaid fraudsters. The sums of money involved were enormous. 17 of the 20 "most wanted" fraudsters were born outside the United States. Plunderland, indeed, with the government aiding and abetting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a deep thinker, who woulda thunk it ?

DEXTRA said...

Prosper in Israel
Supporting African immigration to Israel for prosperity, life and happines

Dr Bazooka said...

Pity it's no longer readable in full :

French translation :

No comment.
No "dérapages nauséabonds"™.

Anonymous said...

You are selective with your accusations of 'mass murder'. Jews manipulated the'allies' into declaring war on Germany. Jews instigated the second world war which should more properly be called the second jewish world war against white people - countless millions of whom died as a consequence - and for what? To achieve jewish hegemony over White Europeans pretty much everywhere that's what.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:11 You are correct. Jews around the world organised a boycott of German goods before there was any anti Jewish legislation in Germany. It was the Jews who fired the first shot -

Anonymous said...

Why didn't jews take the same (negative) attitude that they took to Germany to the obviously brutal and murderous socialist Soviet Empire as well? Because socialism was invented by the son of a Rabii and jews were heavily involved and intellectually invested in socialism and spreading socialism throughout the West, so much so that socialism was just another jewish Trojan horse, just as the feminist movement would not have existed or taken the form that it did without its female jewish leaders. The common ingredient across all these supposedly 'progressive' political social and cultural movements is the deconstruction of white norms leading in turn to the complete debasement and destruction of the white race.

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