Monday, 16 December 2013
All sons had left for the front.

It proves there is a jihadist family living in Arnhem. De Telegraaf has published today an interesting article on these extremists who are monitored by the police.
The Arnhem districts of Malburgen and Presikhaaf had become hunting grounds for jihad recruiters. Whole families are in the grip of Holy War; like the El A. family which has three Jihadist sons: one is fighting in Syria, the two others were on their way to the front and were intercepted by justice and the secret service AIVD. A 'jihad family' of Arnhem was monitored by the AIVD, police and judiciary. One of the brothers has already been in Syria for months with a Kalashnikov rifle.

Two other brothers were recently arrested when they tried to travel to Syria. Fortunately they were stopped; so they cannot commit Crimes against humanity
in that country.

For many “bien pensants” it will come as a surprise, but the three brothers were encouraged by their mother to risk their lives for Jihad. Left wingers say that this is not because “everyone wants the same for his or her children”. People who have the courage to see reality for what it is know better. There are people who are pursuing very different goals. Many Islamist mothers want their children to lose their lives in the struggle for Islamic domination; so the children will be martyrs and the women themselves the mother of a martyr. As a result, they will gain quite high standing in certain countries.

Well, in some countries? ... Unfortunately, there are now Dutch neighbourhoods where this is the case. Malburgen and Presikhaaf are examples, but there are more of those neighborhoods. Walk once around, for a while, in Utrecht, Amsterdam or The Hague: the situation there is not better .

It's nice that this issue is gradually getting some attention in the media, but the El A. family is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more Jihad families in the Netherlands, and they should all be closely watched by the AIVD. This problem is bigger than people think.


Anonymous said...

Introduce a law - if one steps out of line the whole family should be deported. Then we should encourage them to step out of line.

Anonymous said...

The families gain far more than mere fame or admiration amongst the 'umma' (the Moslem community): Islamic Law manuals (such as the 'Umdat al-Salik) state that a portion of Zakat (defined as 'alms' or 'charity', and one of the Five Pillars of Islam, therefore, a core tenet) must be applied to the "Cause of Allah" or for "Fighting in the Way/Cause of Allah" --- this Jihad, 'holy war', defined in the same Islamic law manual as "warfare to establish the religion". That same Islamic law manual also states in the heading Section H8.17 "Those fighting for Allah" that, as well as providing the Jihadist (who is a volunteer not tied to a formal military, thus, any Moslem waging Jihad) with his/her expenses (living expenses --- even if the Jihadist is wealthy ---, transport, weaponry, clothing, all for however long the act of Jihad takes, the following is added:

"Though nothing has been mentioned here of the expense involved in supporting such people's {Jihadist'} families during this period, it seems clear that they should also be given it."

Thus, Moslem families of those involved in Jihad operations are to be financially supported. When Suddam Hussein gave $25,000 to the families of "suicide bombers", Western people were understandably outraged but Moslems naturally understood what lay behind his action and knew it was in keeping with Islamic rules.

Zakat helps to fund Jihad, and to support the families of the Jihadists, and halal products (edible and otherwise) form a percentage of a Moslem's income which must also under Islamic Law (and Koran 9.60) be applied in part to funding Jihad. Islam, in its core tenet of one of its Five Pillards --- Zakat --- provides the modus operandi for warfare against non-Moslems and the overthrow of non-Islamic governments and the imposition of an Islamic state. This should have been the central reason for opposition to Islam and its adherents in any non-Islamic country. All halal produce should be boycotted, the public informed as to its links to funding Jihad, and a case made for reclassifying it as inherently seditious.

Anonymous said...

Yet another glaring example of how these people differ from the native people they now live among and why they should never have been brought into Europe. When their numbers reach a certain level and they decide to offer their sons for jihad against the government and people in the communities where they now live in Europe, then what?

Anonymous said...

Blond blue-eyed girls should be protected from themselves

So sad for this girl and her family.

Too many of these blond girls obviously carry some guilt achieved from leftist propaganda, so they feel they should be with an alien to 'prove they are not racist'.

Time and again, you see these girls that are too naive for their own good. They should be talked into common sense, wherever you may find them.

Anonymous said...

Oops...sorry about that. This comment was to the other post about Blond Girl Killed by Black Alien


Anonymous said...

When they are killed they will be martyrs. Their mother will have extra status but ruined her family. That's what islam is all about.

It's me mo said...

You just wait when they return from syria...

Anonymous said...

I live in this district of Arnhem and I don't feel protected by my own government. The only activitity that the government assures is that they 'look after them' when they return from Syrie. That's all they do to 'protect' us. It is not clear how many jihadi's allready returned and there is not taken any affort to report any of this directly to the people living in this district of Arnhem.

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